Investment Analyst

The power of the investment mind and the AI machine

Arria Investment Analyst™ streamlines the complex value chain of investment analysis, eliminates inaccuracies and accelerates data understanding. Using Natural Language Generation (NLG), Arria Investment Analyst frees expert analysts to focus on client relationships.

Surface hidden insights, anomalies, and implications with the click of a button

Arria Investment Analyst uses NLG intelligence to analyze investment portfolio performance. The slice and dice capability allows you to discover insights and receive data-driven explanations to support your investment decision-making process and reporting.

View investment performance through various lenses to better understand and explain the drivers of the portfolio’s performance.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automate 80% of manual reporting
  • Self-service on-demand reporting
  • Streamline the value chain process
  • Enhance operational benefits

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Slice and dice data from multiple lenses, on-the-fly

Select Lens 1, 2, or 3 below to see intelligent narratives update dynamically


Access anytime, anywhere online

Simply connect your data, select your configure options, customize the narrative if you wish, and consume via Word/PDF.

Business intelligence

Use Arria’s add-in for your BI dashboard or Excel

Select your application and you can dynamically choose from multiple lenses — Summary, Key Drivers, and Details.

Reporting as-a-service

Incorporate into your existing platform

Use our RESTful API to provide input data and through a JSON or CSV payload, receive narratives securely over HTTPS.

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Getting Started with Arria Investment Analyst is Fast and Easy