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  • We apply our software to your data and explain what it means, in language that people understand.
  • Our patented AI Natural Language Generation technology goes beyond simple templates, extracting and communicating the insights hidden in your data.

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Q #9- How is artificial intelligence going to impact people's lives?

Excerpt from Arria's live interview on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, featured on Fox Business and Bloomberg News.

Matt, as artificial intelligence becomes more and more universal, how is it going to change and impact people's lives - both in business and personally?


So, I think one of the big changes is we will start interacting, communicating, with the internet in the way that we're communicating now - through question and answering. You think of your experience with the internet now; we're staring at a screen, we click on to things and what comes up is text or narrative stories, written by people. Well, now more and more, it will be written by a machine and it will be able to question you and drive to the sort of insights that you want to have, or it can provide through this natural language exchange.


Money20/20 Impressions

Arria had the pleasure of exhibiting at Money20/20 in Las Vegas last month. Money20/20 is the world’s largest and boldest payments and financial services innovation event for connected commerce. There were 10,000+ attendees, including more than 3,000 companies from 75 countries.

Money20/20 brought together companies with the same end goal of creating accurate, consistent, efficient and automated reports in real time that draw insights from their financial data.

We were surprised by the number of people who had heard of Artificial Intelligence and NLP, yet were unfamiliar with Natural Language Generation and its benefits. So, we were only too happy to fill them in. Once people understood the benefits, we could sense the excitement in our booth.