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The Total Economic Impact™ of Arria Natural Language Generation, authored by Forrester, details how Arria improved customer acquisition and retention, enabled a higher volume of business, or improved decision-making for each organization it interviewed.


Return on Investment

Forrester Research found that businesses who employed Arria NLG saw an average ROI of 209% over the course of only three years


Task Automation

Implementing NLG into your business workflow enables the automation of up to 80% of mundane and repetitive tasks, increasing productivity


Time Savings

Natural Language Technology reduces the time to complete low-level tasks by 60%, allowing your team to focus on high-priority ones instead

[ Hu+AI ] SUPERHUMAN — The Power of Language

Arria NLG is a form of artificial intelligence [AI] that transforms structured data into natural language. Arria software replicates the human [Hu] process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights. Arria empowers humans with machine processing power to communicate advanced knowledge and understanding in natural language, at machine speed — going beyond what humans alone are capable of. Together, the two enable Superhuman capabilities to deliver mission critical, enterprise-level accuracy, advanced intelligence, peak performance, and competitive edge [ Hu+AI ] = SUPERHUMAN.

Business Intelligence

Dynamic. Configurable. Out-of-the-Box.
Enhance your BI dashboard with AI-generated NLG narratives to quickly identify, communicate, and action key insights. Available for all major BI platforms.

Content Automation

AI-driven customer service, in your unique voice.
Boost Sport AI is a proprietary technology platform that uses data analytics and computer vision to automate sport performance and power digital storytelling across media, betting, and e-commerce.

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Agent Automation

AI-driven customer service, in your unique voice.
Arria Ping is a hybrid AI solution created to empower the Customer Service and Quick Serve Restaurant industries with real-time performance status, inventory alerts, and advanced call center automation.

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