The Enterprise Approach to Generative AI
Arria turns data into text at machine speed and scale, solving the problem of requiring armies of experts to analyze and report data insights with timeliness, accuracy and consistency. Leverage the value of Arria + LLMs in a single trusted environment.


Our advanced AI solution, automates financial planning analysis and operational reporting, freeing you to focus on strategic decision making.


Deterministic, rules-based technology ensures consistent, reliable results you can trust while boosting efficiency, and empowering your team.


Get instant, personalized insights tailored to every level of your organization, with reports that scale and adapt to your needs.

The Arria Language Platform
Turning data into easy-to-understand AI-generated narratives in your desired presentation layer.
The Arria Language Platform is versatile, combining Generative AI with Arria Studio, Arria Co-Author, and Arria Answers.
Arria Studio, a core data-to-text tool, transforms structured data into insightful narratives. Arria Co-Author allows for human-authored or language model-generated context. Arria Answers leverages Studio and language models to interpret queries and provide concise, data-driven responses. The platform’s modular architecture enables customers to select and combine components to suit their specific use case, making it a powerful and flexible Generative AI solution.
The Arria Difference
Arria’s unique approach to generative AI leverages our foundational deterministic, rules-based platform and large language models to deliver the most holistic solution.
Automated Narratives
Scalable Productivity
Controlled Environment
Reduced Costs
Process Automation
Self-serve analytics
Arria makes it easy to get started with configurable narratives in minutes. Automated narratives provide value quickly and can scale throughout the enterprise. This makes generative AI accessible while adhering to your corporate AI governance standards.
Arria Generative AI at Work

Experience the Value of Arria — Turn Your Data Into Words, Instantly

The Total Economic Impact™ of Arria Natural Language Generation, authored by Forrester, details how Arria improved customer acquisition and retention, enabled a higher volume of business, or improved decision-making for each organization it interviewed.


Return on Investment

Forrester Research found that businesses who employed Arria NLG saw an average ROI of 209% over the course of only three years


Task Automation

Implementing NLG into your business workflow enables the automation of up to 80% of mundane and repetitive tasks, increasing productivity


Time Savings

Natural Language Technology reduces the time to complete low-level tasks by 60%, allowing your team to focus on high-priority ones instead
Hear From Industry Experts
Enterprise Reporting
Enterprise Reporting
Leverage your data to automate reports at scale that your organization can trust.
Financial Services
Financial Services
Streamline the investment analysis process, automating investment commentary.
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Automate operational reporting while meeting stringent governance policies.
Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Monetize data through automated reporting for all organizational levels.
Empower government officials with accurate, time-sensitive actionable intelligence.
Trusted by Industry Leaders

Arria Process Automation

Natural language for your existing workflow

Use our RESTful API to provide input data and, through a JSON or CSV payload, receive your customized narratives securely over HTTPS. Consume narratives wherever, however you wish (Word/PDF/PP/Custom).

Arria for Business Intelligence

Natural language for your performance dashboards

Dynamically interact with your data via various lenses: summary, key drivers, and details. Go beyond visuals and access all underlying data. Generate expert-level narrative insights as if written by your top analyst.

Arria Inside Your Product

Natural language to enhance your product or platform

Arria Connect (SDK) adds advanced natural language generation to your product or platform, adding data-driven insightful summaries and providing additional value and improved user experience.

Live Demo — See Arria in Action

See how Natural Language Technology can immediately impact operational efficiencies and cost-savings.

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