Your data in, automated written reports out.

  • We apply our software to your data and explain what it means, in language that people understand.
  • Our patented AI Natural Language Generation technology goes beyond simple templates, extracting and communicating the insights hidden in your data.

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European Conference on Information Retrieval 2017

Arria’s Chief Scientist Prof Ehud Reiter to present exciting new commercial technologies which will change how people find and use information on the web and elsewhere. Prof Reiter will explain how Arria’s NLG and data-to-text technology can be used to summarise complex information and make it easier for people to understand and benefit from the ever-increasing amounts of data available in 2017, instead of being drowned and overwhelmed by it.


How AI is Disrupting the Finance Industry

AI is largely untapped in the financial space, and unlocking its potential will give way to powerful insights – offering new job platforms while driving enterprise efficiency and growth.