Go Beyond with Advanced Natural Language Technologies

The Power of Language—Humanizing the Way We Interact With Data

Arria NLG is a form of artificial intelligence [AI] that transforms structured data into natural language. Arria software replicates the human [Hu] process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights. Arria empowers humans with machine processing power to communicate advanced knowledge and understanding in natural language, at machine speed — going beyond what humans alone are capable of. Together, the two enable Superhuman capabilities to deliver mission critical, enterprise-level accuracy, advanced intelligence, peak performance, and competitive edge [Hu+AI = Superhuman].

Arria for Business Intelligence

Instantly enhance the
value of your dashboard

Quickly identify, communicate, and action key insights with configurable, out-of-the-box NLG narratives — based on visuals, or all underlying data.
  • Reduce time to insights
  • Provide more accurate decision making
  • Increase speed and efficiency of report writing

The Total Economic Impact™ of Arria NLG

See how Arria NLG customers achieved an 80% reduction in manual work, enablement of machine-level scaling, and the distribution of more efficient, accurate, and connected insights across their organizations. Expert employees were able to focus on the necessary human work they not only were skilled at, but the work they wanted to do.
  • Automate 80% of manual reporting
  • Time savings of up to 60% for analysts and decision-makers
  • Improved accuracy, decreased errors and rework

Faster Decision-Making

Automating your business workflow with data-driven NLG narratives greatly reduces time to insight and exponentially increases operational efficiencies.

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