Arria NLG for


Top Use Cases
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Leadership Dashboard
  • Mission Planning and Execution
  • Financial Reporting
  • Resource Optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance/Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO)
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization
  • Smart Asset Management
  • Adaptive Cyber Monitoring
  • Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Narrative Insights Provide Actionable Intelligence for the Warfighter and Government Agent

Federal agencies are under mandates to improve decision-making, upgrade digital services, and enable their IT and other departments to be more efficient. This data-driven mission is to ensure government organizations are deriving real information from the abundance of data at their disposal to make confident, accurate decisions in real time. Arria’s AI-based natural language technology aims to alleviate this pressure by analyzing and narrating all the data underlying dashboards. Arria built this industry solution alongside military veterans and government officials to ensure that it seamlessly integrates with security operations centers, targeting dashboards, and BI dashboards.

Meet the Expert

“Arria creates analysis reports that transform data output into comprehensive narratives that provide the warfighter or government agent with timely and actionable intelligence resulting in better operational decisions in both cyber and operational domains.”

The Arria Difference

View the key differentiators that empower Arria to lead the competition in the NLG space


NLG for Government Fact Sheet

Discover how Pathfinder uses NLG and Natural Language insights to make critical decisions


Arria for Business Intelligence

Create BI dashboards that are simpler and faster to interpret with generated written summaries


Dramatic Improvements in the Speed and Accuracy of Actionable Intelligence

“As a senior Air Force leader, I was often faced with making decisions without a full analysis of available intelligence. With Arria NLG, leaders now have the capability to aggregate, in real time, vast amounts of AI and analyst-generated information into actionable intelligence, which is especially relevant for time-critical decisions in cyber and aerospace arenas.”
Lt. General Brooks Bash, US Air Force Retired, Co-Founder and Director, Pathfinder Solutions Group

Arria for Business Intelligence


Quickly identify, communicate, and action key insights with configurable, out-of-the-box NLG narratives — based on visuals, or all underlying data.
  • Reduce time to insights
  • Provide more accurate decision making
  • Increase speed and efficiency of report writing

“By automating simple, well-defined tasks, AI streamlines operations and augments the workforce.”

Bringing the Power of Language to