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Top Use Cases
  • P&L
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Budget/Actual Variance
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Sales and Marketing Performance
  • Product Performance
  • HR Performance
  • Operations Optimization Reporting
  • Executive and Board Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting

Digital Transformation Across Your Enterprise

Successfully managing your growing enterprise is no easy feat. As your business scales, resources, departments, and the massive silos of data scale along with it. Aggregating and understanding your data across disparate systems, and at a moment’s notice throughout the enterprise, is required to ensure that each line of business is meeting its performance goals. From compliance to cash flow, Arria’s solution for enterprise reporting provides instant insights in natural language, allowing you to quickly communicate key data findings and improve operational efficiencies.

Meet the Expert

“Arria enables the ability to generate consistent bias-free professional commentary, scale your data reporting operations, and significantly reduce the time and effort in analyzing large volumes of data.”

The Arria Difference

View the key differentiators that empower Arria to lead the competition in the NLG space


Case Study: EY

How EY is using Arria NLG and AI to power their global portal


Arria for Business Intelligence

Create BI dashboards that are simpler and faster to interpret with generated written summaries


Taking the Fear out of Artificial Intelligence

“Arria took the fear out of AI by giving us the control and flexibility to replicate in software what we normally do, only in a much simpler, more productive way.”
— EY UK&I, Rob Moody, Chief Innovation Officer


See Arria in Action

Translate mountains of data into detailed written summaries, in natural language instantly with Arria for Excel

“83% of IT leaders say AI & ML is transforming customer engagement, and 69% say it is transforming their business, according to Salesforce Research”

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