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Top Use Cases
  • Brand Health Tracking
  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking
  • Consumer Behavior and Trends Reporting
  • Customer Sentiment Tracking
  • Shopping Trends Analysis
  • Product Sales Performance Analysis
  • Highest-Value-In-Store Activities Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence Tracking

Evaluate Brand Performance Faster Than Ever Before with Natural Language AI

With the skyrocketing expansion of e-commerce and mobile ordering, staying ahead of changing buyer trends and consumer behavior is a growing challenge. As the everyday consumer continues to become more intelligent and educated about the companies they buy from and their business practices, it is critical for the consumer research space to become more intelligent in parallel. Because of this, Arria’s Natural Language AI for Consumer Research offers unprecedented speed to analysis and insight discovery— allowing you to predict shopping trends, evaluate customer sentiment, and quickly pivot your focus as needed.

Meet the Expert

“Current consumer research reports have manual narrative, labor-intensive analytics, and static report delivery to clients. Arria NLG is the single biggest opportunity for these companies to do things better, quicker, and more cheaply.”

The Arria Difference

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Natural Language for BI Dashboards

Learn why NLG unlocks a new dimension of data understanding for Business Intelligence


Arria for Business Intelligence

Create BI dashboards that are simpler and faster to interpret with generated written summaries


Data-Driven Stories Instantly, On-Demand

“Market and social research companies provide large amounts of consumer data to their clients, in many cases there is too much information for the reader to digest. With NLG we can write a story, instantly, based on the data and what has changed. There is an old saying in tracking – “if it moves it’s wrong, if it doesn’t move it’s boring”. But when you explore the historical data, the trends and the competitor strengths and weaknesses, something analysts do not get time to do every wave, we can produce amazing new insights from complex, long, and data-rich consumer reports, and automatically produce a written narrative of these insights. That leaves your team more time to work with the client rather than wrangle data and PowerPoint.” 
Hugh Amoyal, Global Partner


See Arria in Action

See how you can quickly identify, communicate, and action key insights with configurable, out-of-the-box NLG narratives — based on visuals, or all underlying data within your existing dashboard.

“AI will democratize market research by expanding access and eliminating research skills requirements.”

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