Arria NLG for

Pharma | Life Sciences
Top Use Cases
  • Business Intelligence Insights
  • FP&A Enterprise Reporting
  • Clinical Safety Reports
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Compliance/Regulatory Reporting
  • Prescription Label Automation
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • COVID-19 Analytics

The Next Evolution of Report Automation for Life Sciences

Accurate and timely data analysis is crucial to bring life-saving products to market. Arria’s business intelligence integration for Life Sciences analyzes and explains your pharmaceutical and biotech dashboards in narrative data stories. Natural language delivers instant data understanding that is consistent for all dashboard users—from business leaders and executives to lab technicians. Learn how Arria’s pharmaceutical specialists can help your organization accelerate decision making with data explanations in language that is easy to understand.

Arria NLG received FDA validation under Title 21 CFR Part 11

Arria for Business Intelligence

Instantly enhance the
value of your dashboard

Quickly identify, communicate, and action key insights with configurable, out-of-the-box NLG narratives — based on visuals, or all underlying data.
  • Increase speed and efficiency of report writing
  • Provide more accurate decision making
  • Reduce time to insights

Meet the Expert

"NLG will transform the way our customers
bring life-saving drugs to market.”

Pharma and Life Sciences Resources

Arria for Business Intelligence

Create BI dashboards that are simpler and faster to interpret with generated written summaries

Fact Sheet

The Arria Difference

View the key differentiators that empower Arria to lead the competition in the NLG space


NLG for CSR Reporting

How Arria NLG for CSR is impacting the multi-billion-dollar clinical-trial market

Fact Sheet

“Pharma companies can embrace AI and other digital transformation initiatives to drive the cost efficiency and value-driven effectiveness of regulatory operations”
Bringing the Power of Language to

Pharma & Life Sciences