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  • Our patented AI Natural Language Generation technology goes beyond simple templates, extracting and communicating the insights hidden in your data.

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Arria supports research project

Arria Supports Research Project to Help Non-Speaking People Communicate

Arria NLG is supporting the newly announced ACE-LP research project at the Universities of Dundee and Cambridge, which is working with people who cannot speak and have complex additional disabilities (in addition to lack of speech), and helping them communicate better. People with such problems, such as Stephen Hawking, use tools which interpret motions they can make (such as lifting a finger or blinking an eye) as words and characters. Such “Voice Output Communication Aids” are very slow, as little as 2 words per minute (compared to 150 words per minute in normal speech), which makes communication slow and frustrating.


5-in-5 with Senior Software Engineer William Bradshaw

William Bradshaw is a Senior Software Engineer at Arria NLG. He joined the company in 2012 and has worked on numerous NLG applications within the oil and gas, insurance, tourism, agricultural, finance and weather industries. Originally from Durham, William brings a wealth of knowledge having studied at Edinburgh University gaining a class medal in Software Engineering.