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Top Use Cases
  • Daily Manager Bonus Reporting
  • Track and Report KPIs in Real-Time
  • Manage Actions and Alerts
  • Delivers AOT & TLO Reporting
  • Labor and Food Efficiency Improvement
  • Coupon Management
  • Correlates Multiple Databases
  • Manages Any Number of Stores
Arria Ping is an advanced AI application developed specifically for the Quick Serve Restaurant industry that provides managers with critical alerts on store performance, delivery statistics, food efficiency, and more — not just in numbers, but in natural language, requiring no further explanation.

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“Let’s get predictive, so we know exactly what we need to do right now.”

Arria Ping | NLG for QSR

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Arria for Business Intelligence

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NLG Transformation for Quick Serve Restaurants | Domino’s Pizza

“Arria conveys our data in the language we know in our brand, and our supervisors know, and it’s forward-thinking. Not, what did we do last month, but what are you going to do next hour, what are you going to do tomorrow, what are you going to do next week? Let’s get predictive, so we know exactly what we need to do right now. Arria keeps us synchronized in what to do next.”
Shane Casey, VP of DFA


For Domino’s


An advanced AI application that lets managers know what they need to know before they need to know it – not just in numbers – but in natural language – requiring no further explanation.
Ping puts operational PWR in the palm of your manager’s hand.


For Domino’s


A game-changing AI application that fully automates telephone line ordering while adding a data-driven, NLG-centric, hyper-personalized, touch ‘n talk customer experience to the call.
Ping puts TLO power in the palm of your customer’s hand.

Ping AI Database

Ping Analyst and Ping Agent are connected to and interact with the Ping AI database
— the most advanced NLG centric QSR database in the world.

Ping Analyst Features

Ping Analyst, developed for franchisees by expert franchisees, delivers Intelligent Narratives and alerts to managers in natural language.
  • Daily manager bonus reporting
  • Tracks & reports KPIs
  • Manages actions and alerts
  • Delivers AOT & TLO reporting
  • Improves labor and food efficiency
  • Provides coupon management
  • Correlates multiple data bases
  • Manages any number of stores
  • Configurable by Client

Ping Agent Features

Ping Agent, developed specifically to answer the phone and take orders from Domino’s customers, is achieved without human intervention.
  • Created by Arria’s expert AI scientists
  • Knows all about each customer
  • Provides hyper-personalized call
  • Client controlled activation
  • Inputs order into OLO system
  • Enables a touch ‘n talk experience
  • Upsells on every call
  • PCI Compliant
  • Configurable by Client

“Over 80% of executives in top CPG companies plan to adopt Intelligent Automation in their business by the end of 2021.”

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