NLG Studio gives you access to the powerful technology Arria uses to build NLG solutions for enterprise clients

Arria NLG Studio is the world’s first true NLG design tool that gives developers (from novice to expert) the ability to automatically generate, from complex data sources, superbly written, natural-language reports that you would believe were written by a human expert. Studio makes the best of Arria’s technology available in one robust, easy-to-use tool. Studio gives developers online access to the same proven, rules-based linguistic capabilities and software architecture that Arria uses to build enterprise-level NLG systems for its global clients.

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NLG Studio is a powerful tool used to build NLG applications. It’s so easy to use that non-developers rapidly learn to build NLG solutions with it. You can build your own NLG applications using a structured cloud-based interface. Typical users are enterprise-level developers, recreational developers, business users, and students.

NLG Studio lets you create natural language generation (NLG) applications using scripts you design and data sources you supply. Each application you create can generate an infinite number of narratives that transform your data into natural-language stories and reports. With NLG Studio’s web-based graphical user interface, you don’t need to be a specialist developer to build your own NLG projects.

NLG Studio is powered by Articulate Text Language (ATL), Arria’s proprietary programming language. ATL was designed specifically around the needs of creating human language (narrative or text) from data. Programming is done within a text editor in a fluent written style, so it is easy for novice or non-programmers to use. ATL also incorporates Arria’s advanced language functions as well as the use of variables, conditions, and lexicon rules.


NLG Studio empowers developers to build robust NLG applications that incorporate the following benefits:

Expert Knowledge Capture
NLG Studio allows developers to build NLG applications that permanently and continuously capture the best-practice knowledge, expertise, and analytical processes of a client’s most experienced team members in software and it does so in the context of each client’s people, processes, and organization.

Connection to Complex Data Sources
NLG Studio allows developers to build NLG applications that can accept data inputs from multiple, complex systems and technology platforms, from any point in the service delivery stack.

Connection to the Power of the Arria NLG Engine
NLG Studio allows developers to build NLG applications that easily and automatically connect data streams to the Arria NLG Engine and in so doing automate the analysis, interpretation, and extraction of insights from the data streams using the subject matter expertise the developer has already permanently captured in the application.

Natural Language Outputs
NLG Studio allows developers to build NLG applications that automate the generation and delivery of data insights as natural-language narratives to accompany or describe tabulated reports and visualizations. Studio allows developers to build NLG applications that generate natural-language reports on-demand, periodically and from alerts. Studio allows developers to build NLG applications that deliver natural-language output globally, in any volume, in any variation, to any point in the stack, for presentation on any device – 24/7/365.


When you subscribe to NLG Studio, you also gain access to the Arria NLG SDK at no additional cost. The Arria NLG SDK is used by high-level developers to build complex NLG solutions. These are the same NLG tools used by our chief scientists. Typical Arria NLG SDK users are enterprise-level developers.

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  • NLG Studio and the Arria NLG SDK are both available in the cloud or on-premise
  • Your NLG Studio account includes access to the Arria NLG SDK at no additional cost
  • NLG Studio provides direct access to Arria’s Narrative APIs and Microservices

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