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  • Media Creation (Advertising, Publishing)
  • E-Commerce, Product Descriptions, Retail
  • Sports E-Commerce Content Generation
  • Team Performance for Leagues, Teams, Coaches, and Athletes

We Tell Stories

The Arria x Boost platform enables content creators to craft custom, AI-generated narrative content using a no-code interface. Customize it, personalize it, and deploy it at scale across any marketing channel. With Arria x Boost, your content creator — and sports fans worldwide — will feel like an MVP!

Create Moments

Automatically detect and customize key data insights to craft inspiring moments.

Engage Fans

Tell timely, personalized, and locally-relevant sports stories that ignite passion in fans.

Accelerate Sales

Consistently deliver the right message at the perfect time to build loyalty and increase transactions.

Meet the Expert

"Sports is the universal language of humanity.
We make the human experience more dynamic."

Sports Resources

Discover the Hype

Get hyped about the technology that Arria x Boost brings to the playing field


The Arria X Boost Difference

View the key differentiators that empower Arria and Boost to lead the competition in the NLG space


Boost Scouting Demo

See how to level the playing field with state-of-the-art Computer Vision AI and reporting


Be Authentic

“We tell stories. By combining Arria NLG + Boost technologies we are able to deploy data-driven stories from any structured data source across any channel with extreme personalization and limitless scale. This is a game-changer for anyone tracking the game.”

— Mustafa Abdul-Hamid, CEO, Boost


Discover AI + NLG for your favorite team

AI surfaces and writes sports insights and data-driven stories that are relevant and personalized in human language to ensure consistent, targeted brand messaging.
The process is simple for your content team:
  • Select the sport
  • Choose end-user attributes
  • Personalize any type of narrative
  • Continuously edit and control the unique voice
NLG Studio

An Overview of NLG Studio

Learn about Arria NLG Studio, our platform for building custom NLG applications
NLG Studio

Creating Custom Variables

Learn about creating custom variables for your custom NLG Studio projects
NLG Studio Tips & Tricks

Studio Runner

Discover how to use Studio Runner from within Arria NLG Studio
“A single Boost template for a match recap could produce more than 60 different automated messages in real time using NLG”
Bringing the Power of Language to