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One platform, endless automation power. UiPath’s RPA platform now includes a direct connection to Arria’s NLG platform creating a seamless integration between two best-in-class AI technologies to maximize automation delivering speed to insights and enterprise efficiencies.


Arria and UiPath have joined forces in a partnership to further advance Automation. By combining the power of RPA+NLG, enterprise clients are accelerating their digital transformation and automation initiatives. Arria Connect™ is part of UiPath’s ecosystem and can be found on UiPath Go! It’s the plug-in you’ll use to easily integrate Arria’s NLG technology with your existing UiPath automations, or with your upcoming UiPath automations.

Arria ConnectTM

Download the Arria ConnectTM plug-in to easily integrate Arria’s NLG technology into your existing RPA workflow.

Arria NLG for UiPath

Expand your existing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system (which automates repetitive tasks) with instant NLG-generated narrative summaries and reports.


Arria’s integration with UiPath makes it easy for UiPath Studio developers to add automated natural-language descriptions and reports to any workflow. For UiPath developers who want to leverage NLG in their automation tasks, Arria’s activities make it easy and straightforward. 

Arria’s activities are designed to accept either tabular data or JSON data, obtained from an upstream process, into Arria’s NLG Studio. Arria’s activities allow you to make HTTP requests to a published Studio project, which then returns a narrative to be consumed by the next UiPath activity. 


Use cases for: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Business Intelligence Dashboards, Conversational AI and more

Download a use case overview:

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