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Arria for RPA

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with RPA + NLG

Automate Human Actions & Knowledge

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Information Delivery at Scale

Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
now combined into a seamless single platform

Using these two technologies together gives enterprise-level clients the ability to dramatically transform their operating models and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by significantly accelerating their automation. On the RPA side, this results in better accuracy, improved compliance, massive cost savings, super scalability, increased speed and productivity; and with NLG, dramatically improved speed and efficiency in their analytics and reporting.

One Platform, Endless Automation Power

This seamless integration between two best-in-class AI technologies maximizes automation—delivering speed to insights and enterprise efficiencies.

Eliminate Tedious Human Tasks

RPA lets you configure software, or a “robot,” to automate repetitive tasks—improving productivity, customer experience and employee job satisfaction.

Dramatically Transform Your Workflows

Gain the full benefit of both NLG and RPA automation solutions by automating repetitive tasks and processes, while generating expert narrative analyses.

RPA Automates Human Actions, NLG Automates Human Knowledge

Arria for Enterprise Reporting

Get Started now with NLG+RPA Intelligent Automation

By combining the power of NLG+RPA, enterprise clients are accelerating their digital transformation and automation initiatives. ArriaConnect™ is part of UiPath’s ecosystem and can be found on UiPath Go! It’s the plug-in you’ll use to easily integrate Arria’s NLG technology with your existing UiPath automations, or with your upcoming UiPath automations. You can also download the plug-in by clicking the link below.

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