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  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences & Pharma
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Government
  • Compliance & Regulatory Reporting
  • Financial FP&A Reporting
  • Sales/Operations Performance Reporting
  • Fund Commentary Reporting
  • SAR / AML / KYC Reporting
  • Arria Studio Language Platform
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“By 2025, data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics, and 75% of stories will be automatically generated using augmented analytics techniques.”
–Gartner Report: 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence

Arria NLG Allows You to Demystify Your Dashboard

Improved understanding

narrate all underlying data, not just visuals

Free your analysts

from mundane tasks saving you time and money

Operational efficiencies

save report writing time & reduce costs with automation

Actionable intelligence

for faster, better informed decision-making.

Combine BI + Arria to Gain 20/20 Vision

Arria combines Advanced Analytics with Advanced Computational Linguistics to automate written explanations at a level equal to your subject matter experts, only infinitely faster! The speed and consistency of Arria NLG-driven report automation empowers data understanding — accelerating decision making.