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On Demand Webinars & Presentations

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Arria + Deloitte | Webinar Series 3 of 3

Smart Reporting Solutions: Exploring innovative reporting channels that leverage conversational AI with Arria & Deloitte

On Demand Webinar (42 min)

Companies everywhere are implementing conversational AI solutions to allow their customers to more easily engage with them and to more quickly get answers to their questions. But what about other use cases for CAI? Watch to learn more.

Arria + Deloitte | Webinar Series 2 of 3

Smart Reporting Solutions: 3 things your financial reporting dashboard may not be telling you

On Demand Webinar (37 min)

Join Arria and Deloitte to discover how smart reporting empowers financial teams already working with complex data sets by saving time, reducing costs, and driving decision-making.

Arria + Deloitte | Webinar Series 1 of 3

Smart Reporting Solutions: Transition to self-service analytics by adding dashboard narratives

On Demand Webinar (42 min)

Join Arria and Deloitte in this fireside chat to learn why Smart Reporting with Narratives is the data-literacy strategy you need in 2021.

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Arria for Tableau

Visual analytics alone are no longer enough: How Tableau teams are accelerating data understanding with Tableau 3.0

On Demand Webinar (38 min)

Discover why the most effective way to explain and understand data is by using Natural Language Technology.

Arria x Boost Webinar
Arria x Boost

How to establish a consistent, personalized, 1:1 dialogue with your sport consumers using AI-driven insights

On Demand Webinar (40 min)

See how the Arria x Boost platform enables content creators to craft custom, AI-generated narrative content using a no-code interface. Customize it, personalize it, and deploy it at scale across any marketing channel.

Arria for Tableau

Arria for Tableau 3.0 use cases | 7 tips to wow your dashboard users

On Demand Webinar (39 min)

Our experts reveal 7 top tips that are garnering rave reviews for Tableau dashboard creators. Hear from our experts as they discuss the best practices you can adopt with Arria for Tableau 3.0.

Arria for Tableau

Arria for Tableau 3.0 use cases | Top 5 ways industry experts use instant narratives to drive business value

On Demand Webinar (47 min)

Ready to see how data-literate analysts are using natural language to optimize the business value of their Tableau dashboards? Join us for this deep dive into some of the best NLG use cases that will inspire you to transform your dashboard and accelerate your data understanding.

Arria for Tableau

Introducing Arria for Tableau 3.0 | The secret to accelerating data understanding with natural language

On Demand Webinar (40 min)

Join us as we present one of the biggest breakthroughs ever for Tableau users: Arria for Tableau 3.0. Unleash the full potential of your dashboards with this latest release and get instant, natural language answers to critical questions.

Arria for Power BI

Arria for Power BI 3.1—The secret to accelerating data understanding with natural language

On Demand Webinar (46 min)

With the simple click of a button, Arria for Power BI 3.1 creates expert, natural-language text narratives to complement your visuals. Instantly, the key insights are explained clearly—revealing what’s most important to understand, both from the visuals and from the data underlying them.

Arria for Power BI

Leverage 'Intelligent Narratives' with Arria for Power BI - identify, understand, and communicate

On Demand Webinar (62 min)

The ability to give people the information they need when and where they need it is paramount for any enterprise. Solutions that deliver data-driven, actionable insights and answers in real-time are invaluable for business executives. To achieve positive outcomes, management teams must fully comprehend the reasons behind key metrics conveyed in their business reporting.

Arria for Power BI

How to unleash the full potential of your Power BI dashboards with AI-driven narrative insights

On Demand Webinar (40 min)

In this webinar, we’ll cover the latest technologies such as data analytics, interactive dashboards, and natural language generation (NLG) that can uncover key insights and tell data stories automatically. Just like traditional stories, well-told data stories are made up of a balanced number of visuals and written descriptions to help your viewers understand what your data is really conveying.

Arria + Genware

Next generation BI Dashboards - How the latest technology maximizes data understanding

On Demand Webinar (44 min)

Join Shelby Goldman, Solutions Architect at Genware Computer Systems and Cathy Herbert, SVP of Pre-Sales at Arria for a live webinar outlining what next generation changes are available right now that dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your BI dashboards. 

Arria for Power BI

Easily create Power BI dashboards that are simpler and faster to interpret

On Demand Webinar  (39 min)

In this webinar we’ll show you how data literate companies democratize their data—and share with you the critical ability they possess to retrieve, structure, analyze, consume, and leverage data to their advantage. 

Arria Answers

New Conversational AI capability with data driven intelligent responses

On Demand Webinar  (32 min)

Arria’s latest breakthrough application, Arria Answers, which integrates with business intelligence (BI) dashboards and gives business leaders immediate access to key insights from their data—letting them ask questions in real time and converse with their data.

Arria for Power BI

Top 5 ways industry experts use instant narratives to drive business value

On Demand Webinar  (44 min)

Ready to see how top industry experts are currently transforming their Power BI dashboards? Join us for this deep dive into some of the best use cases you can use as inspiration to elevate your dashboards to an even higher level.

Arria for Power BI

7 expert tips that make it easy for you to get viewers raving about your dashboards

On Demand Webinar  (39 min)

Watch our experts reveal 7 of the top tips you can starting using today that Power BI “power” users are now using to get rave reviews from the users and viewers of their dashboards. 

Arria for Power BI

The secret to accelerating data understanding with natural language

On Demand Webinar  (36 min)

With the simple click of a button, Arria for Power BI 3.0 instantly creates expert, natural language text narratives to complement and clearly explain your visuals—along with all the underlying information in your dataset.

Arria for Excel

Instantly narrate Excel spreadsheets for Financial Report Automation — Bookends

On Demand Webinar  (25 min)

In this session, we’ll showcase Arria for Excel, Arria’s just-released add-in that lets Excel users add natural-language written reporting directly inside their worksheets. Arria for Excel provides configurable narratives for specific audiences using expert data analysis.

Arria + Glemser

Leverage technology to transform the way you report Clinical Trial Results

On Demand Webinar  (26 min)

The Arria and Glemser partnership presents a new way to use your big data and make strategic decisions around your clinical trials while doing more with less, maintaining current workflows, and becoming faster and more efficient.

Arria + TIBCO

The value of augmenting visual analytics with NLG narratives

On Demand Webinar  (37 min)

Arria and TIBCO are coming together in a live virtual webinar to walk through how they joined forces on the TIBCO COVID-19 Live dashboard to maximize data understanding. The partners will take a deep dive into the powerful combination of visuals and narrative.

VOICE Global 2020

Conversing with your data

On Demand Presentation  (25 min)

From HealthTech to gaming, VOICE Global brings a wealth of voice tech knowledge from around the world right to your screen. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage with industry leaders, build your network and reconnect with the voice-first community!

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