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  • Thinks like Einstein
  • Writes like Shakespeare
  • Works at machine speed
NLG Studio

An Overview of NLG Studio

Learn about Arria NLG Studio, our platform for building custom NLG applications
NLG Studio

Creating Custom Variables

Learn about creating custom variables for your custom NLG Studio projects
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Studio Runner

Discover how to use Studio Runner from within Arria NLG Studio

The world’s most advanced configurable, self-use NLG authoring platform

Arria NLG Studio transforms structured data into natural language. Through algorithms and modeling, it replicates the human process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights—dynamically turning data into written or spoken narrative—at machine speed and on a massive scale. The ability to access key information in near real-time, communicated as if written by your company’s top analysts—at an NLG writing-speed—is truly astonishing.

Never Write a Report Again

Reports that previously took expert analysts thousands of man hours to produce can now be done in seconds thanks to Arria’s natural-language technologies.

Freed from Mundane Tasks

Free your analysts! Gain greater operational efficiencies across your enterprise by augmenting analytics with NLG-driven narratives.

Data Understanding on Demand

Automate the ability to turn volumes of data into written reports, explanations and summaries as if written by an expert, at machine speed.

The Most Advanced NLG Platform in the World

“Arria has the most advanced NLG platform in the world. The strength, scalability, and flexibility of Arria NLG technology is truly unparalleled, and the white-glove service they provide empowers us to deliver intelligent content automation solutions quickly and easily.”
— Olivier Mégean, President, DEMAIN.AI

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