Sharon Daniels

Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Daniels is a member of the shareholder group that founded Arria NLG. Sharon has over 25 years’ experience in strategic business development and has consulted to leading global technology and financial service companies.

“Arria is igniting a global revolution in communications. Arria NLG tools and services are bringing to the world something that will fundamentally change the way in which people interact with data.”

Geoffrey Bell

Chief Strategy Officer

Geoff has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience focused on providing enterprises with the ability to compete at scale. Geoff is also the President of Arria NuSutus, the division of Arria that is revolutionizing the Quick Service Restaurant industry with the deployment of Arria Ping AI, the world’s first end-to-end SaaS software solution built on top of Arria’s NLG technologies.

“Arria NLG enables enterprises to instantly and automatically create written and/or spoken outputs from their data, letting people know what they need to know, before they need to know it — not just in tables and visualizations — but in natural language anyone can understand.”

Jay DeWalt

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining Arria, Jay held key executive positions in global companies including: EMC, Documentum, Unisys, and Lockheed Martin. Jay has successfully led companies from growth phase through to post-acquisition integration.

“Arria’s key technology links applications to humans in ways never before possible. Arria is in a key leadership position with it’s core NLG technology supported by key patents.”

Neil Burnett

Chief Technology Officer

Neil leads the Aberdeen Development Center of Excellence. Prior to Arria, Neil led a team delivering software applications deployed on over a million devices worldwide. Neil is one of Arria’s lead NLG experts.

“We have brilliant people, fantastic ideas and a great technology that we are only beginning to see the scale of the applications for.”

John Poole

Chief Architect

John was the founding CTO of Arria with extensive experience in designing global IT and software systems and infrastructure. John has led the design of mission-critical telecommunication and unified communications systems at a local and global network level.

“Ultimately, we will all interface with the network via a unified communications platform and Arria NLG will be its voice.”

Brian Locke

Chief Security Officer

Brian was a key member of the Diligent success team for over 11 years. He was responsible for overseeing the infrastructure for the Boardbooks Platform as well as the companywide security, audit and compliance program to comply with global Fortune 500 companies.

“Companies are poised to take advantage of NLG automation among other AI/ML technologies.”

Ross Turner

Chief Product Officer

Ross obtained his PhD in NLG from the University of Aberdeen under Arria’s Chief Scientists Dr Yaji Sripada and Professor Ehud Reiter. He was a founding member of Arria Data2Text and has held roles at various technology companies such as Nokia and BCG Digital Ventures. Ross brings over 15 years of NLG and technology development experience to Arria.

Thomas Makeig

General Counsel

Thomas has practiced US and international law for over 30 years. He is responsible for integrating and facilitating Arria’s corporate structure, tax efficiency planning, IP development, corporate governance and securities law compliance worldwide. He played a similar key role in Diligent’s IPO.

“Arria’s proven leadership team and well-defined vision have the company poised to do great things.”