Finance Analyst

Instant Data Understanding. 100% Accuracy.

Arria Finance Analyst™ harnesses the power of natural language generation (NLG), giving finance analysts the power to transform their data into insightful natural-language stories and reports. NLG helps organizations get the right information to the right people faster.

Turn Your Data Into Strategic Intelligence

Real-time finance is here. Decision making will no longer be driven by periodic reporting. There is no monthly or quarterly forecasting – all the information you need is available to you instantly.

Key Benefits of Finance Analyst Include:

  • Automate 80% of reporting
  • Data-processing limitations are lifted
  • Elimination of human error in reporting
  • Humans freed to do the important work
  • Machine-level scaling
  • Data siloes are dissipated

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Fresh Technology. Familiar Platform.

Finance Analyst is compatible with your existing Business Intelligence application

209% ROI over 3 years

80% reduction of manual work—60% time savings.
Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic ImpactTM study to examine the potential ROI enterprises realize by deploying natural language generation (NLG).

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