Flexible deployment options

NLG Studio offers multiple deployment options to fit your specific business needs. From cloud-based to customer hosted solutions, Arria prides itself on having the most configurable and scalable deployment model of any NLG provider.


Public Cloud

Multiple users, non-HIPAA/PCI data use cases, lowest price per user, fastest adoption and setup


Customer Hosted

Entire system behind customer firewall, customer controls all data and user authentication


Dedicated SaaS

Arria deployed and maintained single customer dedicated environment, optional integration with customer authentication

Potential deployment scenarios

Not sure which deployment option is right for your business? Select a deployment model on the right to learn more, and use the included real-world deployment scenarios to help decide which option works best for your unique needs. Still unsure? Use the button below to contact us.

(aka: “Public SaaS”, “Multi-tenant SaaS”)

Customer need:

“I want to rapidly deploy a production application/test-drive the solution for my company’s use cases.” 

Customer Control & Price:

Data: Cloud-Processed
Cust. Cost: License Only

(aka: “on-premise”, “behind the customer firewall”)

Customer need:

“I require data to remain internal/have a need for complete control over the solution.”

Customer Control & Price:

Data: Customer Controlled Systems
Cust. Cost: License Only

(aka: “Dedicated Instance”, “Single-Tenant SaaS”)

Customer need:

“My company is cloud-first and I want dedicated performance and controls.”

Customer Control & Price:

Data: VPN/HTTPS Dedicated
Cust. Cost: License + Hosting Fee


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