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The Future of Smart Reporting
With Narratives

Bringing Best-in-Class Consulting Services Together with Advanced NLG
Technology to Deliver Smart Reporting with Narrative Solutions

“The qualitative nature of working together with Arria NLG provides more than report automation. We are able to embed Deloitte business consulting expertise and financial reporting best practices together with advanced language analytics and natural language generation. Because narrative summaries are the most effective way to explain and understand data, this provides a path to self-service data analysis — controllers no longer have to go back to analysts when answers are not instantly revealed. We are excited to be partnering with Arria to deliver the future of smart reporting with narratives.”

—Stephan Schuessler, Deloitte Consulting, Senior Manager (Digitization Enthusiast)

Reduce Time to Insights

Ensure business plan stays on track, KPI's are clear, so revenue, margins, and target earnings are achieved. Alerts track budget vs. actual to optimize performance.

Instant Data Understanding

Insights are instantly discovered, analyzed and communicated in natural language and in real-time — resulting in instant data understanding.

Optimize Business Performance

Create BI dashboards that are simpler and faster to interpret so your viewers never have to try and distill your data's story from your graphs, charts and tables.

On-Demand Webinars

Arria + Deloitte | Webinar Series 3 of 3

Smart Reporting Solutions: Exploring innovative reporting channels that leverage conversational AI with Arria & Deloitte

On Demand Webinar (42 min)

Companies everywhere are implementing conversational AI solutions to allow their customers to more easily engage with them and to more quickly get answers to their questions. But what about other use cases for CAI? Watch to learn more.

Arria + Deloitte | Webinar Series 2 of 3

Smart Reporting Solutions: 3 things your financial reporting dashboard may not be telling you

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Join Arria and Deloitte to discover how smart reporting empowers financial teams already working with complex data sets by saving time, reducing costs, and driving decision-making.

Arria + Deloitte | Webinar Series 1 of 3

Smart Reporting Solutions: Transition to self-service analytics by adding dashboard narratives

On Demand Webinar (42 min)

Join Arria and Deloitte in this fireside chat to learn why Smart Reporting with Narratives is the data-literacy strategy you need in 2021.


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Intelligent Automation

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