Arria for Business Intelligence

Instantly Enhance the
Value of Your Dashboard

Quickly identify, communicate, and action key insights with configurable, out-of-the-box NLG narratives — based on visuals, or all underlying data.
  • Reduce time to insights
  • Provide more accurate decision making
  • Increase speed and efficiency of report writing

Select Your BI Platform to Learn More

Arria for BI is available for all major Business Intelligence platforms. Select your preferred application below to begin adding intelligently generated narratives to your dashboard, and augment your visuals with instant insights and unmatched data communication.

Setup for Simplicity

Simply download Arria for BI, configure your parameters, and instantly add intelligent narratives for your visuals and their underlying data.

Empowering Faster Decisions

Insights are instantly discovered, analyzed and communicated in natural language and in real-time — resulting in instant data understanding.

No Interpretation Necessary

Create BI dashboards that are simpler and faster to interpret so your viewers never have to try and distill your data’s story from your graphs, charts and tables.

Significantly Increased Dashboard Value

“Through deploying Arria NLG within the existing Tableau ecosystem, the JNJ team has seen significantly increased value in their Tableau dashboards. In addition, through an NLG-enabled reporting workflow, the team can now produce and communicate key insights about the business better and faster overall.”
— Priscilla Rodriguez, Technical Product Owner, CBT Data Analytics & Integration, Johnson & Johnson

Arria for BI Includes 10 NLG Apps — Plus, Arria Answers

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Target-Based Variance
  • Time-Based Variance
  • Pie Chart Visual
  • Bar Chart Visual
  • Line Graph Visual
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Anomalies Analysis

Share your Data Story
Anytime, Anywhere

Maximize your ability to collaborate and communicate key data
insights with mobile application compatibility. Arria for BI is
compatible with all major BI mobile applications.

Getting Started with Arria for BI is Fast and Easy

Request a demo of Arria for BI to begin adding Natural Language Generation to your dashboard, instantly.

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