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Video: Arria NLG and UiPath spread the word about the power of Automation and Language

By Jennifer Mastrangelo | January 29, 2020

You heard right! Arria NLG and UiPath are collaborating again to spread the word around the power of Automation and Language.

This video features Arria’s own Jay Dewalt, COO, and UiPath’s Chet Chambers, VP and Chief Evangelist.

These two experts, with over 20+ years of experience in the technology space, will be discussing how NLG + RPA are transforming enterprise businesses across the globe with intelligent automation.

Combining UiPath’s “Automation First” with Arria’s “Power of Language” delivers an advanced level of intelligent digital transformation that is unequalled… these two technologies are too good not to brag about!

Jay and Chet will share how these tools can make big changes possible by removing mundane tasks to allow for innovation, communication, and action.

View this video now!

Want to learn more about how NLG + RPA can be seamlessly combined to:

  • Automate mundane tasks
  • Aggregate and Articulate large data sets
  • Provide business leaders with the story behind your data in the click of a button
  • Save your analytics team time by automating the manual work of analyzing raw data into language

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