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How a Global Asset Management Firm Uses AI to Automate Client Reporting

By Amy McCloskey Tobin | December 18, 2023
Automated Investment Performance Commentary

One of the largest asset management firms in the world, with over $4 Trillion in Assets Under Management (AUM), integrated AI into its processes to automate fund performance commentary reporting. Providing clients with timely and personalized portfolio performance reporting has become increasingly cumbersome for many investment firms. Manually writing thousands of commentary briefs comes at a high cost – accuracy and productivity suffer. Experts spend more and more time producing essential updates, limiting the capacity for more strategic analysis benefiting clients. 

For this leading firm, report automation became a priority. By integrating natural language technologies into current workflows, the organization automated the key human tasks: analyzing volumes of data and writing timely summaries and reports, extracting portfolio insights from data, and generating written commentary tailored to each investor’s interests. 

How Natural Language Generation Turns Data Into Narratives 

Natural Language Generation (NLG), a form of artificial intelligence, automatically turns data into readable narratives like a human would write, and it does so in minutes rather than days. The narratives reflect accurate data-driven insights. As the natural language technology leader, Arria supplies AI solutions to financial enterprises and other data-intensive sectors. 

This investment firm batches data using a direct API call and sends it to Arria. Instead of thousands of human analyst hours, the firm produces thousands of investment commentary reports in minutes. In addition, Arria’s rules-based language models deliver 100% accurate narratives from the firm’s portfolio data. This accurate, automated reporting frees the firm’s experts to do the essential human work, focusing on adding value to the core aspects of the business.

Natural Language Technology Accelerates and Improves the Analysis and Reporting Process 

Using Arria’s capabilities in data analysis and natural language generation allowed the firm to produce accurate and readable commentary tailored to each fund automatically. By building Arria’s API into their existing processes, the firm smoothed the creation and delivery of stakeholder updates.

The specific benefits the firm received after integrating Arria:

  • Operational effectiveness: the need to go back and forth along the value chain for error correction is eliminated
  • True control: the ability to customize narratives and receive consistency and predictability
  • Productivity acceleration: the ability to batch funds and benefit from high levels of linguistic capability with final form text
  • Auditability: the capability of process workflows and business logic that is audit-ready and auditable
  • Scalability: the capability for both scaling the automated process and additional use cases across the organization

By connecting Arria’s natural language technologies to essential analytics, this investment firm transformed a formidable big data challenge into an effortless yet more insightful stakeholder experience. The integration improved efficiency, allowing the firm’s experts to focus on high-value tasks while ensuring stakeholders received timely, personalized insights into their investments.

Arria has been helping banking, financial services, and insurance companies harness AI’s power reliably. To learn more about how Arria can automate your firm’s investment commentary, schedule an appointment to speak to one of our experts.

Arria is the global leader in natural language technologies and has been helping enterprise clients automate reporting for over a decade while complying seamlessly with AI governance.