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Latest technology advancement for TIBCO Spotfire BI Dashboards

By Arria NLG Team | January 28, 2020

Arria NLG releases add-in for TIBCO Spotfire providing the ability to augment dashboards with automatically-generated narrative insights to support dynamic decision-making and dashboard reporting beyond visuals alone.

Morristown, NJ, January 28, 2020 /AccessWire/ — Arria NLG today announced that its flagship offering of Arria NLG Studio for BI now integrates directly with TIBCO Spotfire.

Arria transforms business intelligence (BI) dashboards, providing executives with faster, more complete insights and the knowledge to take decisive actions. Arria NLG Studio, an extension that connects directly to TIBCO Spotfire, allows users to quickly and easily augment dashboard visualizations with natural-language narratives that help dynamically uncover and communicate insights from the data underlying the dashboards. Watch a quick video overview here.

“Timely access to credible information is critical to making business efficient and profitable,” said Arria NLG Chief Executive Officer, Sharon Daniels. “Arria NLG brings clarity and consistency to how analytics are communicated and understood.”

Integrates Easily With World’s Top Platforms

This integration is made possible through ArriaConnect™ which lets Arria’s NLG technology seamlessly integrate with any API-based platform or BI dashboard—automatically generating written (or spoken) text, summaries or reports from the data in your application or workflow. This is the same methodology and developer kit we use to create standard productized dashboard integrations for the world’s top business analytics platforms, including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, UiPath, and now TIBCO Spotfire. With ArriaConnect™ new partners will be able to quickly integrate Arria NLG with any analytics dashboard.

Instantly Narrates All The Dashboard’s Underlying Data—Not Just The Visuals

Arria combines advanced language analytics with computational linguistics to mine all underlying structured data, providing context to data visuals in narrative form that helps convey a comprehensive story.

A form of AI, natural language generation (NLG) technology automatically transforms volumes of structured data into voice and/or written narratives that are indistinguishable from those composed by a human subject matter expert.

Dramatically Improves Time To Insights

Arria NLG narratives expand the population of employees that can use BI tools to find, extract and understand actionable and useful insights from data—insights that are otherwise hidden amid information scattered across disparate spreadsheets and data sources.

Complementing data visualizations with explanatory narratives also removes ambiguity and the potential for conflicting interpretations of findings.

“Arria gives data the power of language. Adding explanatory narratives that support conclusions presented in visualizations increases organizational understanding and data literacy, and multiplies return on investments in Spotfire,” added Daniels.

Gives Users Complete Flexibility With Three Deployment Options

Purpose-built for agility, flexibility, and scalability, Arria solutions can be deployed as public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises. This adaptability keeps data in place, accommodates user permissions, and addresses data-security requirements.

Arria empowers enterprises worldwide with resources and technology to harness the power of analytics and natural language. By offering enterprises their choice of customizable, out-of-the-box solutions, Arria makes it easy for users whose expertise ranges from novice to expert. Analysts can quickly generate personalized narratives tailored to their business needs or create new narratives for specific use cases. The resulting dashboards, which include visuals and narratives, can be automatically exported to Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and PDF.

To add this transformative extension to your Tibco Spotfire dashboards, please click here.


About Arria NLG
Arria NLG is the global leader in the field of Natural Language Generation (NLG), a form of artificial intelligence specializing in extracting insights from complex data sources and communicating that information in natural language (i.e. as if written or spoken by a human). The company owns, develops, and licenses its technology through its Arria NLG Studio Platform. Arria NLG Studio empowers writers and subject matter experts to create an effectively unlimited number of sophisticated narratives based on structured data sets. Arria’s simple web-based interface contains a set of easy-to-understand functions that correspond to the array of analytical, linguistic, and stylistic decisions a human writer makes when composing thoughtful narrative. For additional information, please visit