Introducing Release of Arria’s NLG Studio for BI 2.0

Arria is pleased to announce the second release of its Studio for BI add-in for business intelligence platforms. In Version 2.0, we’ve made adding NLG to your dashboards even easier by providing ready-built, customizable narratives.

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Layered Sophistication

Arria’s Studio for BI instantly transforms your entire dashboard into meaningful narrative insights with automatically generated expert written text to support decision making beyond visuals alone.

Arria’s Studio for BI Version 2.0 provides:

1.Out-of-the-box insights*. Simply select the data you want to describe, choose the type of analysis you want (e.g. variance, correlations, time-series), choose how much information you want to display, then instantly generate your narrative. No programming knowledge required. Arria’s Insight APIs do the heavy lifting

2.Extended narratives. Customize Arria’s out-of-the-box narratives with your own domain-specific language with the use of Arria NLG Studio. Business Analysts have full control of their project.

3.Programmable narratives. Use Arria NLG Studio’s fully programmable interface to create your own story. Studio is fully flexible and fully configurable, so you can customize the narratives within to your dashboard as you choose. Programming knowledge needed.

See the add-in in action in the video below:

*Arria has developed five insight detection algorithms (Insight APIs), and their associated narrative (OOTBs) that describe the insights within the data as rich narratives. The narratives generated from Arria’s Insight API’s allow BI users to uncover interesting facts contained in their data, but also more pertinently the insights provide a basis for extending narratives, using Studio, for considerably more sophisticated use cases.  Arria offers five Insight APIs:  1. Variance, 2. Statistics, 3. Distribution, 4. Time-Series, 5. Correlation

Studio for Business Intelligence

Automatically add true natural language narratives alongside your visuals—so your readers never have to try and figure out the story your charts or graphs are hoping to communicate.

Has anyone ever looked at one of your dashboards, or charts and graphs and said, “This looks nice, but can’t you just tell me what this means in plain language?” Well, now you can. Easily. And instantly.

With Arria Studio’s For BI add-in, you can choose the key facts you want to highlight for your readers, then automatically generate expertly written natural language narratives to accompany your visuals that clearly explain the most important insights. By adding Arria’s powerful NLG Studio tool to your BI Desktop, you equip yourself with the same high-level tools used by Arria NLG engineers—and generate real-time key insights just as an expert data scientist would. 

Instead of having only visuals such as charts or graphs that your readers have to interpret…

Narratives accompany your visuals in the form of:

  • An Overview:
    What happened 
  • Key Drivers & Offsets:
    Why it happened
  • Data Commentary:
    What potential actions should take place

Expert analysis that you control, all produced automatically, in an instant. At a quick glance you can drill down and read the information that impacted the results: not just the region, but who drove the most sales…who was lagging…how did their individual results compare to last quarter…and much more!

Narrate any visual across an unlimited number of dimensions

You can easily access a pre-structured, out-of-the-box narrative if that’s what you want. But, why stop there?

  • Change or add to the ready-made narratives as you see fit.
  • Fully customizable wording; you choose exactly what you want the narrative to say and in what order, with the structure you want.
  • Narratives as long or as short as you like. It’s not a matter of setting a level of verbosity; it’s YOU choosing to say exactly what YOU want, and however much you think is necessary.

Create narratives for any visual—you’re not limited to a small handful of charts.

Describe the whole dashboard at once, not just a piece of it.

Enjoy the full flexibility of telling the overall story, or pointing out specific highlights.

Report on data that isn’t even visualized on the dashboard—if it’s in your data set, you can bring discussion of it into your report.

Explain YOUR insights in YOUR words, not the words chosen for you by an NLG engineer outside your company’s domain.

Export your Articulate Intelligence. NLG output is available in other published dashboards. On the web. Or exported to Powerpoint. 

Here’s what you get with Studio For BI

  • A programmable interface for BI platforms, with no restrictions on what the developer can do.
  • A tightly-integrated workflow between your BI platform and the creation of narratives in NLG Studio – Articulate Intelligence fits neatly into your BI development process.
  • Out-of-the-box solutions for typical use cases. Just put your data in the format we specify, and everything works. This includes ready-made narratives for all the most common visualization types. And, support for multiple dimensions and multiple measures.
  • Starter projects for selected domains: Sales, Finance, Pharma, Media, and so on. With these samples, we give you the skeleton, then you flesh it out.
  • The ability to scale, advance, and grow. Start simple, then advance limitlessly. With Arria’s Studio For BI, the sky’s the limit! 

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