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“Arria NLG Studio’s BI analytical and linguistic capabilities provide us with the technology to dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of our reporting. A key benefit for us is that we can use this powerful platform to create our own NLG applications within our department.”

Brian O’Connor, Lead Director, Advanced Analytics Global Business Services

Arria NLG Studio’s breakthrough
BI integrations allow you to:

Narrate your entire dataset (not just the visuals)
Arria’s latest BI integrations aggregate and narrate all the underlying data available within your dashboards (not just the visuals), going well beyond two-dimensional visuals which are open to interpretation and do not typically tell the whole story. This gives you unlimited drill down capabilities with an unlimited number of dimensions from any number of external data feeds.

Turbocharge your dashboard with powerful analytical and linguistic capabilities
Only Arria combines Advanced Analytics with Advanced Computational Linguistics to automate reporting at a level equal to your subject matter experts, only infinitely faster! The speed and consistency of Arria NLG-driven report automation is unequalled. Arria NLG Studio narrates multiple data sources, Excel with multiple sheets, JSON data, nested data, data coming from SQL, and so much more.

Have the option of bringing NLG inhouse and generating narratives on your own
Arria offers instant out-of-the-box insights that users can easily customize themselves, as needed, in minutes. Additionally, Arria NLG Studio gives users complete control to create and build their own insightful narratives integrated and displayed directly inside their BI tool of choice—all without a developer or costly Professional Services. With flexible pricing that mirrors BI tools, users can instantly derive value from NLG integrations.

Flexible pricing
With pricing that mirrors your BI tools, you can derive value from NLG integrations instantly.

As easy as 3 simple steps:

1. Tell me about your data
2. Tell me what type of analysis you want
3. Tell me how to say it

See the difference Arria makes

Automatically add true natural language narratives alongside your visuals—so your readers never have to try and figure out the story your charts or graphs are hoping to communicate.

Before: A typical BI dashboard includes a variety of graphs and charts, which are generally referred to as “visuals”. Visuals are great starting points for trained analysts, but they still require time and detailed interpretation for your readers.

After: With Arria NLG Studio for BI, descriptive narratives accompany your visuals in the form of an Overview (what happened), Key Drivers & Offsets (why it happened), and Data Commentary (what potential actions should be taken).

Three deployment options

Arria NLG Studio lets you easily integrate NLG into your current infrastructure of choice—cloud, dedicated cloud, or on-premise—to accommodate your permissions and data security requirements.


Public Cloud

Multiple users, non-HIPAA/PCI data use cases, lowest price per user, fastest adoption and setup


Dedicated Private Cloud

Arria deployed and maintained single customer dedicated environment, optional integration with customer authentication



Entire system behind customer firewall, customer controls all data and user authentication

Narrate your dashboard across an unlimited number of dimensions

Report on data that isn’t even visualized on the dashboard—if it’s in your dataset, you can bring a discussion of it into your report.

Ensure critical facts and insights that otherwise would be missed are now shown.

Tell a fully contextualized story, in natural language, going well beyond visualizations alone.

Easily create on-demand, consistent, data-driven stories for improved data literacy.

Accelerate better informed decision-making across the organization.

Enjoy the full flexibility of telling the overall story, or pointing out specific highlights.

Explain YOUR insights in YOUR words, not the words chosen for you by an NLG engineer outside your company’s domain.

Export your Articulate Intelligence to other dashboards, Word docs, PowerPoints, PDFs, or website posts.

Some of our most popular use-cases

Profit & Loss

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow

Expense Variance

Sales Variance

Budget vs. Actual

Clinical Safety Report

Human Resources

Campaign Analysis

Arria NLG Studio for BI delivers:

A programmable interface for BI platforms, with no restrictions on what the developer can do.

A tightly-integrated workflow between your BI platform and the creation of narratives in NLG Studio – Articulate Intelligence fits neatly into your BI development process.

Out-of-the-box solutions for typical use cases. Just put your data in the format we specify, and everything works. This includes ready-made narratives for all the most common visualization types. And, support for multiple dimensions and multiple measures.

Starter projects for selected domains: Sales, Finance, Pharma, Media, and so on. With these samples, we give you the skeleton, then you flesh it out.

The ability to scale, advance, and grow. Start simple, then advance limitlessly. With Arria’s Studio For BI, the sky’s the limit!

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