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Arria NLG and Pathfinder partner to bring the Department of Defense and Government Agencies dramatic improvements in the speed and accuracy of actionable intelligence

By Arria NLG Team | February 20, 2020

Arria’s Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology poised to profoundly impact their ability to turn vast amounts of data into real-time actionable intelligence

MORRISTOWN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2020 / Arria NLG, the world’s leading provider of NLG technology, and Pathfinder Solutions Group (PSG), announce a partnership which establishes PSG as Arria’s selected partner for offering its NLG capabilities to US Department of Defense and Government Agencies.

With Arria’s NLG technology already proven in crucial business areas, such as regulatory financial reporting, sensor data analysis and business intelligence, its entrance into the cyber and operational intelligence fields is seen as a significant development in the military’s and government’s ability to deliver real-time actionable intelligence.

The Military’s Data Challenge

The military wants to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into operational missions. However, the challenge is: dirty, unstructured, and voluminous data that creates bottlenecks and missed insights-without an effective and efficient way to analyze it. Cyber threat intelligence is particularly challenging.

Current gaps in information analysis result in suboptimal decisions with potential detrimental impacts. Speed to decisions is critical when reacting to high-value targets and cyber threats. Data analysis-the ability to interpret and understand the data, get it into a useable format, and mine the data for hidden insights, continues to be a challenge-especially in warfighting situations.

Other agencies, such as Homeland Security, the NSA, FBI and CIA face similar challenges.

Arria’s NLG Solution: Real-Time Actionable Intelligence

Arria NLG creates analysis reports that transform data output (including dashboard charts, graphs, tables) into comprehensive narratives that provide the warfighter or government agent with timely, relevant and actionable intelligence resulting in better operational decisions in both cyber and operational domains.

Arria NLG’s platform dramatically improves time from analysis to insights to decision by expressing complex data and information in real-time, insightful narratives-making big data…smart data.

The expert narratives produced by Arria’s breakthrough NLG technology ensure critical facts and insights are presented in a more comprehensive and understandable way, as if written by a team of the best subject matter expert analysts. These reports can be detailed and able to break the data down in multiple ways, or they can be simple, concise, actionable one-page decision brief for commanders or agency chiefs.

The real-time reporting generated by Arria NLG ensures that critical facts and insights are clearly articulated and can be customized based on the threat intelligence and the mission.

According to Lt. General Brooks Bash, US Air Force Retired, Co-Founder and Director, Pathfinder Solutions Group, “As a senior Air Force leader, I was often faced with making decisions without a full analysis of available intelligence. With Arria NLG, leaders now have the capability to aggregate, in real-time, vast amounts of AI and analyst-generated information into actionable intelligence, which is especially relevant for time-critical decisions in cyber and aerospace arenas. Being able to deploy these types of dual-use, off-the-shelf technologies to meet key AI requirements is one of the primary reasons I am so excited about the Pathfinder Solutions Group and Arria NLG partnership.”

Sharon Daniels, CEO, Arria NLG, stated, “We’re very pleased that our NLG technology can now be used in the defense of freedom. By turning complex information and structured data into comprehensive, actionable narratives in a fraction of the time that teams of analysts are capable of, we’re able to ensure that critical facts and insights are clearly articulated, and almost instantly available, based on the threat intelligence and the mission.”

Flexible, Seamless Integrations

Arria NLG’s API-based architecture enables flexible, seamless integrations with existing military and government workflows. Arria’s NLG platform is customizable and integrates seamlessly with existing commercial business intelligence (BI) and proprietary dashboards to provide insightful advanced analytics and reports. Current software and platforms do not need to be replaced as Arria’s NLG technology layers on top of existing capabilities.

Arria is the world’s most advanced NLG technology. It combines advanced analytics with advanced computational linguistics to automate reporting at a level equal to, or better than, subject matter experts-only infinitely faster. It also adds a degree of scalability and operational efficiency not previously attainable.

The Pathfinder Agreement

Per their partnership agreement, Pathfinder will be representing and offering Arria’s breakthrough NLG technology to the following:

  • US Government Agencies-All Applications: Department of Defense (Army, Navy, Air Force, USMC), Coast Guard, Army Futures Command, AFWERX, Army Applications Lab, and Naval Information Warfare Centers.
  • US Government Agencies-Cybersecurity and Intelligence: NSA, CIA, FBI, and Dept. of Homeland Security.
  • US Government Allies: a select group of US-allied government agencies and instrumentalities.
  • State Agencies: The New York City Cybercommand, The New York City Police Department and The New York City Fire Department.

Pathfinder’s Unique Team of Experts

PSG is exceptionally positioned with its team of subject matter experts from the DoD, Air Force Cyber, Army Cyber, NSA, FBI, etc. to work closely with military and government agencies to create custom solutions to meet their mission requirements. More importantly, the PSG team has the relevant DoD experience to train the AI model to meet the unique demands of the warfighter in the cyber and operational domains.

While PSG works with military and government agencies to develop cyber and operational intelligence AI applications, Arria’s NLG technology will also be introduced into their financial, maintenance, contracting, and other critical reporting areas.

About Arria NLG

Arria NLG is the global leader in the field of Natural Language Generation (NLG), a form of artificial intelligence, specializing in extracting insights from complex data sources and communicating that information in natural language (i.e. as if written or spoken by a human). Arria’s API architecture enables seamless integration with any BI, RPA or VOICE platform.

Arria has the greatest concentration of NLG expertise in the world and has a growing patent portfolio of 27 core NLG patents. Arria’s rapidly growing group of major international enterprise clients-including banking, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, consumer product goods, news and media-are now deploying NLG-driven automated reporting within their global organizations using Arria’s NLG Studio Platform. Additional information is available at Follow us on Twitter @ArriaNLG or visit our newsroom at for the latest company news.

To learn more about Arria NLG please contact, Lyndsee Manna, SVP Business Development, +1 973-534-9478 or via email [email protected]

About Pathfinder

Pathfinder Solutions Group is a solutions-based firm comprised of experts from the DoD, Air Force Cyber, Army Cyber, NSA, FBI, etc. who work closely with military and government agencies to create custom solutions to meet their mission requirements. Just as the historic WWII Army Pathfinders and today’s elite military special forces are the advance party for setting up safe drop zones and landing zones for larger forces, PSG assists its partners in navigating their way to customer traction in both the DoD/Government and Commercial Sectors.

For more information, visit, or contact, Sean Drake, Founder & Chairman, +1 203-247-2479 or via email [email protected]