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Arria now featured on the Tableau Extension Gallery

By Arria NLG Team | May 22, 2019

Arria is pleased to announce that its advanced NLG extension for Tableau is now featured and available for download in the Tableau Extension Gallery.

Tableau is one of the global leaders in business visual analytics with over 300,000 users. Its software products query relational databases, online analytical processing cubes, cloud databases and spreadsheets—and then generate a variety of graphs and charts in a dashboard format. With Arria, Tableau users can now add insightful narratives to support visuals and enhance the value and user experience of their existing dashboard.

Arria’s Tableau extension is the only NLG tool that adds natural language generation capabilities to Tableau dashboards based on all the underlying data, not just the displayed visuals. By generating expert narrative from the entire dataset, critical facts and insights that might otherwise be missed are now shown—resulting in faster, better-informed decision-making.

This lets Tableau users go beyond out-of-the-box narratives to create custom narratives that extract specific insights from the data. Arria’s Tableau extension gives users an unlimited number of dimensions or measures; and lets them create narratives for any type of data-driven visual, even for underlying data not visualized in their dashboard. It also lets them encode their own BI-analyst knowledge into the system; and gives them full flexibility to interpret findings, summarize key insights, point out specific facts, or tell the whole story in as many words as they need, in real-time.

According to Bryan Zwahlen, Arria’s SVP of Partner Services, “This is a big, first step in commanding presence in the Tableau Marketplace which will extend our visibility to more Tableau users and, further expand Arria’s user base.”

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