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Arria NLG’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ehud Reiter, elected as Chair of SIGGEN

By Arria NLG Team | March 4, 2019

SIGGEN, the Special Interest Group on Natural Language Generation, has elected Arria NLG’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ehud Reiter, to serve as Chair of the group. 

Prof. Reiter is a pioneer in the science of NLG and one of the world’s foremost authorities in the field of NLG.Ehud remains at the heart of Arria’s thought leadership and innovation guiding the core technology group on advanced NLG solutions and direction.

Ehud is also Professor of Computing Science in the University of Aberdeen School of Natural and Computing Sciences, and a founder and director of Data2Text Limited, the Scottish company founded by him and his colleagues and spun out from the University of Aberdeen in 2009. Data2Text was acquired by Arria in 2013. Both the University of Aberdeen and Prof. Reiter remain significant founding shareholders in Arria. Learn more about Prof. Reiter.

SIGGEN is a special interest group of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL). It provides a forum for the discussion, dissemination and archiving of research topics and results in the field of text generation.

The purpose of the group is to promote interest in Natural Language Generation; to provide members of the ACL with a means of exchanging news of recent research developments and other matters of interest in Natural Language Generation; and to sponsor meetings and workshops in Natural Language Generation that are timely and worthwhile.

In accepting the chairship, Prof. Reiter stated, “I was recently elected to the board of ACL SIGGEN, which is the closest thing the NLG community has to a professional body. My fellow board members then asked me to be chair of SIGGEN. … I do promise to do my best to be fair, objective, and represent the community as a whole.”

On his blog, Professor Reiter discusses his vision for SIGGEN, including how NLG has changed since the early 2000s and what he sees are the key issues for the organization to address. You can read more about this on his blog: My Vision for SIGGEN – Ehud Reiter’s Blog

All of us at Arria NLG are proud to have Prof. Reiter as part of our team and wish him the best of luck in his new capacity as he represents the NLG community throughout the world.