Ehud Reiter

Arria Chief Scientist, Prof E Reiter, a pioneer in the science of NLG and one of the world’s foremost authorities in the field of NLG, leads our core technology group

Prof. Reiter is responsible for the overall direction of Arria’s core technology development as well as supervision of specific NLG projects. He is Professor of Computing Science in the University of Aberdeen School of Natural and Computing Sciences, and a founder and director of Data2Text Limited, the Scottish company founded by Prof. Reiter and colleagues and spun out from the University of Aberdeen in 2009. Data2Text was acquired by Arria in 2013. Both the University of Aberdeen and Prof. Reiter remain significant founding shareholders in Arria.


In 1995, Prof. Reiter founded the Aberdeen NLG Group which grew to become the largest NLG group in the world in terms of people, publications, and projects. The NLG Group is now known as the Computational Linguistics in AberdeeN (CLAN) research group. The CLAN research group continues to include one of the largest concentrations of NLG researchers in the world, and is very active in the wider international research community.


In the late 1990s, Prof. Reiter created Simplenlg which is believed to be the most widely used open-source NLG library in the world. In the words of the University; “The emergence of advances in Natural Language Generation technology from the University’s computer science labs was another chapter in the story of language as observed, recorded and celebrated by the University since its founding in 1495.


Prof. Reiter is a pioneer in the Science of Natural Language Generation. He is considered to be one of the foremost authorities in the field NLG. He is a featured speaker at industry conferences. He is also widely published on the subject of NLG. His papers are frequently cited. An NLG algorithm, known as the “incremental algorithm” for referring expression generation that was co-developed in 1992 by Prof. Ehud Reiter is one of the most widely cited works in the field of NLG. In 2000, Prof. co-authored and published Building Natural Language Generation Systems. This seminal treatise was published by Cambridge University Press and is today widely considered to be the textbook on NLG.

Prof. Reiter received his PhD degree from Harvard University in 1990.


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