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From Narrative Science to Arria NLG: 3 transition success stories

By Amy McCloskey Tobin | August 11, 2022
moving from narrative science to arria

Tableau’s purchase of Narrative Science back in December 2021 left customers of the NLG tech firm wondering what it meant for their organizations. Many have decided to shift to a new NLG partner that can support their increasing demands for self-serve natural language generation (NLG).

As the global leader in natural language generation (NLG) technology, it was not difficult for Arria to quickly create a step-by-step guide on how to transition from Narrative Science to Arria. Since that time, many organizations have transitioned to Arria NLG, and we thought it would be helpful to review their stories so other organizations can understand the challenges and solutions and why they chose us.

An investment firm moves to Arria NLG

A large, global investment firm needed a new NLG provider up and running by October. They required an exact lift and shift with no mistakes – a seamless transition was necessary.

The firm chose Arria because of our extensive experience in banking and financial services. They were also familiar with Arria’s stellar reputation for support. However, the strongest selling point was the proof of concept – once they saw that, they were sold.  They understood that Arria was experienced working with enterprises and could transition them easily., and are now using Arria’s Investment Analyst technology to automate over 1,000 narratives per month.

A Fintech company moves to Arria NLG

One of the world’s largest mobile payment companies required a new NLG partner to support their growing demand for automated narratives. They also needed a seamless transition where the new partner carried the workload and made the transition easy for them.

The reason this fintech company chose Arria was based on the flexibility our technology gave their team to control the data input and narratives. Arria completed the proof of concept faster than any competitors and accommodated the firm’s need for changing its data model.

Now, the company is using Arria for Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) and enjoying the benefits of automated reporting, flexibility, and granular control of their narratives.

An American business software company moves to Arria NLG

A Fortune 100 company specializing in financial software faced a contract expiration and needed a replacement, enterprise-level NLG solution. Their existing NLG was difficult to use and didn’t allow for the out-of-the-box and custom capabilities they needed.

The organization selected Arria NLG over other competitors because of the out-of-the-box and custom capabilities offered, and the ability to use NLG in their financial reporting. 

Now the business enjoys flexibility, easy deployment due to Arria’s outstanding support, and scalability to accommodate full-time and seasonal employees.

If you’d like to learn more about how NLG can transform the way you deliver information across your organization, let’s set up a time to talk about your data and how best to extract insights from your data.

Arria Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a form of AI that turns your data into easy-to-understand language. This technology empowers your teams with machine processing power to expertly analyze and communicate data insights – going beyond human capabilities. NLG allows humans to keep up with the pace of data. The manual, time-consuming work is done by Arria NLG, leaving you time to do the human work of deciding what the analysis means to your business going forward.