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Arria NLG: Empowering Companies to Find Their Own AI Strategy

By Arria NLG Team | July 20, 2018

CIOReview has just published it’s annual review of the “50 Most Promising Fintech Solution Providers For 2018”. Featured in their review is Arria NLG. According to CIDReview…

“Arria NLG intends to change the AI industry and make a key form of AI technology known as Natural Language Generation (NLG) accessible to everyone.For this New York-based firm, the goal is to enable companies of any size to leverage the power of AI to automatically analyze data and report what is important about that data, not just in charts and graphs that require further analysis and explanation, but also in natural language narratives. Arria’s NLG Studio tool is a major step in that direction…

Photo of Sharon Daniels

“Arria believes that NLG Studio brings AI out of the future into the now. The company spent 2017 completing its NLG toolset and it views 2018 and beyond as an opportunity to empower companies around the world. Arria NLG’s vision is partner-led, with key corporate partners working to bring the technology to a wide range of different industries and companies all over the globe.” — Sharon Daniels, Chair and CEO

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