Arria for Qlik Sense

Instantly Enhance The Value Of Your Dashboard

“I normally cook with gas, but with Arria, I’m cooking with ROCKET FUEL”

— Dalton Ruer, Senior Solutions Architect, Qlik

An App for Every Use Case

Arria for Qlik includes 10 language analytics apps out-of-the-box, allowing users to accurately narrate a wide range of dossier visuals.

Descriptive Statistics

Generate a summary of quantitative insights

Target-Based Variance

Analyze the variance between actual value and the target value

Time-Based Variance

Analyze the variance in performance for two time periods

Pie Chart Visual

Describe a pie chart and highlight statistically relevant insights

Bar Chart Visual

Describe a bar chart and highlight statistically relevant insights

Line Graph Visual

Describe a line graph and highlight relevant insights

Ranking Analysis

Analyze the top and bottom ranked dimensions

Trend Analysis

Analyze change over time while highlighting significant trends

Correlation Analysis

Detect correlation between multiple series of data points

Anomalies Analysis

Describe a line chart and highlight statistically relevant insights

Qlik Partners for Success

Arria partners share our mission of “NLG everywhere”, and play a critical role in the expansion and adoption of Natural Language technologies. If you are a dashboard provider interested in embedding NLG into your product, the Arria partner program can help.

Stop Screenshotting your Dashboards

If you would like to reduce the time and frustration of understanding your Qlik Sense dashboards, or, having to explain them to colleagues and leadership by creating additional presentations, Arria for Qlik Sense is your answer.

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