The Arria Difference

Arria NLG is a form of artificial intelligence [AI] that transforms structured data into natural language. Arria software replicates the human [Hu] process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights. Arria empowers humans with machine processing power to communicate advanced knowledge and understanding in natural language, at machine speed — going beyond what humans alone are capable of.

Arria has developed its offering to be delivered through API based services providing good synergy with developers building advanced cloud native applications. Additionally, the Arria team is very strong both technically and in their NLG expertise with a solid business and operational model.

1. Arria NLG Studio
Simple to use, yet sophisticated in power—the Arria platform NLG tool gives you the ability to take advantage of pre-built out-of-the-box projects or you can create and customize your own projects.

2. Combined Technology Power
Arria is the only solution to combine advanced analytics and advanced linguistics within one tool. This gives you the ability to generate true data-driven narratives.

3. Deployment Options
Keeping data in one place and under your control is key to supporting best-practice data security. Therefore, Arria offers three deployment options: on premises, private cloud or public cloud.

4. Flexible Architecture
Arria RESTful API architecture allows seamless integration with a variety of systems that use various data formats. Call Arria services from any system without installing additional software, with any data format (via conversion to JSON).

5. Advanced Integrations
Arria easily integrates with all major business intelligence (BI) dashboards, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems, virtual assistants and chatbots —it’s the only BI integration that has the ability to narrate your dashboard’s entire underlying dataset.

6. Unparalleled NLG Expertise
Arria has a high concentration of NLG expertise (and 25 NLG patents) supported by founding NLG scientists who are globally recognized as industry leaders.

7. Raving Fan Client Support
Your success is our success! Arria has put great effort into developing its best-practice methodologies along with a library of online training to help bring you and your team up to speed quickly. And, of course, we’re always here to help!

8. Flexible Pricing
Why pay for more than you need? Arria’s consumption-based pricing gives you the ability to scale as needed to align with your budget and usage.