Connecting the Datasphere to Humanity by Giving It

The power of language

Arria enables data to translate its insights into narratives so rich and varied you would believe each was written by a human expert

ARRIA NLG is the global leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) known as natural language generation (NLG). Arria owns, develops, and licenses its core, patented NLG technologies, which are available via the Arria NLG Platform. The heart of the Arria NLG Platform is the Arria NLG Engine – the world’s most advanced natural language generation engine. The key to the platform is Arria NLG Studio – the world’s first true NLG tool for developers.

The Arria NLG Platform delivers an advanced and complete AI software system. It automatically writes rich, compelling narratives — based on insights extracted from datasets — that you would believe were written by a human subject matter expert.


Arria adds the Power of Language to your AI. Why is this important? While your customers may accept your AI output, they will reject repetitive and poorly constructed artificial language output. No NLG company in the world can match Arria’s language capabilities or knows language like Arria.

  • The report writing capabilities of Arria NLG are so advanced, each report reads as if written by a human subject matter expert—specifically for the readers of the report.1
  • Arria NLG is an Artificial Intelligence system that can think and write like a person.2
  • Arria NLG is an automatic assistant that explains complex data to users, so they understand and can utilize the data instead of drowning in it.

SOURCES: University of Aberdeen research revealed that: [1] Arria’s 2004 SumTime NLG wind reports were rated better than human reports. This was the first time NLG texts had been rated as better than human texts by users; and [2] doctors made better decisions from Arria’s 2005 Neonate Project NLG-generated textual summations than from visualizations.


Arria has invested heavily in developing the Arria NLG Platform that enables our NLG technologies to be scaled globally at enterprise-level deployment. The heart of the Arria NLG Platform is the Arria NLG Engine, the world’s most advanced natural language generation engine. The key to scaling and deploying at an exponential rate is Arria NLG Studio, the world’s first true NLG tool for developers.


Arria believes that neither the term “Internet”, nor the term the “Internet of Things” is adequate to describe the magnitude, complexity, or importance of the vast global network to which the developer community has inextricably connected us all over the past 25 years. We believe the term “Datasphere” better recognizes the ever-evolving, dynamic, multi-dimensional, integrated nature of what could also be called the “Internet of Everything.” This includes the Internet of:  Information, Commerce, Applications, Social Connections, Devices, Things, Experiences, and with the advent of NLG — Articulate Intelligence.


The scientific foundation for Arria’s NLG technology is based on more than 30 years of research and development by our chief scientists at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. The university’s global leadership in the field of NLG is unparalleled and stems directly from the university’s dedication to the evolution of language for over 520 years. Both the University of Aberdeen and Arria’s chief scientists are significant founding shareholders in Arria.

Together with the University of Aberdeen, Arria has assembled the largest concentration of NLG expertise in the world. Arria’s core NLG technology development centers are located on the University of Aberdeen campus and also in Sydney, Australia. Arria’s scientific NLG foundations and commercial expertise have enabled the company to establish a strong lead in the global NLG market.


Arria’s patent portfolio is comprised of patents that protect the fundamental principles of language generation that drive our core NLG technologies. View our patents >


With the advent of NLG technologies, for the first time in human history, the Power of Language, the very thing that defines our humanity, has now been captured in software, moving outside of the human mind. Three key observations flow from this inflection point:

    Nothing will ever be the same again. As the Power of Language moves rapidly from the mind of man to the machine in the form of software, life will change for everyone, everywhere, in ways that cannot yet be imagined.
    The highest output, the presentation layer, of the most advanced analytics applications in the world remain largely tabulated reports and visualizations. With the advent of NLG, visualizations will one day soon be seen as the cave drawings of the digital age. NLG is the missing layer. NLG adds the Power of Language to the presentation layer in the form of rich, compelling narratives that are automatically generated by the Arria NLG Platform. This missing layer is now being added to the Datasphere.
    When combined with four other key AI technologies, the emerging impact of NLG on the Datasphere and our lives will be measured in trillions of dollars—not billions. (McKinsey & Co. have observed that NLG is one of five core technologies enabling an economic impact estimated to be US $5.0 – $6.7 trillion annually by 2025).


The Arria NLG Platform enables an entirely new capability—the POWER of LANGUAGE—to be added to the Datasphere. Prior to the advent of NLG, the automated reporting output of the analytics layer was limited to tabulated reports and visualizations. The automation of reporting has been limited by the fact that both of these outputs require further expert analysis and explanation via human-authored written or verbal narratives.

With the advent of NLG, the Arria NLG Platform expands the automated reporting output of the analytics layer to include not only tabulated reports and visualizations but also (without human intervention) natural-language narratives. These narratives describe in natural language, not only the critical insights that were extracted from the data, but also the meaning of the tabulated reports and visualizations.

The natural language narratives generated by Arria’s NLG Engine are so rich and compelling, you would believe they were written by a human who is a subject matter expert in your field of business.

The process of adding the power of NLG to the Datasphere is now rapidly gathering momentum.

Whenever anyone, anywhere, wants to automatically deliver real-time, hyper-personalized, expert, natural-language narratives to users’ devices — narratives that are indiscernible from human-authored text — an NLG application (connected to an NLG Engine) must first be built and embedded into the tech stack to deliver the capability.

Adding the Power of Language to every facet of the Datasphere is a colossal undertaking. The Datasphere is a multi-trillion-dollar network infrastructure connecting billions of people via billions of connected devices and things. The Datasphere essentially contains the sum of all human knowledge flowing through it. Trillions of transactions flow daily through millions of interconnected applications and billions of interconnected websites and webpages.


Arria’s NLG Everywhere strategy recognizes three simple realities:

  • It is impossible for any one company to undertake the process of embedding the power of NLG into the Datasphere.
  • It is the global developer community that built the Datasphere. It took the entire community, now numbering over 18 million professionals, over 25 years to build the Datasphere as we know it today.
  • It is the global developer community that has added each new capability to the Datasphere and it is this community that has already begun the unprecedented process of adding the Power of Language to the Datasphere.

ARRIA NLG STUDIO:  The world’s first true NLG tool that empowers developers and non-developers alike to Build Everything NLG.

ARRIA STORE:  The world’s premiere online NLG marketplace enabling developers globally to Buy Everything NLG including Studio, Arria NLG SDK, plus a myriad of other NLG tools. It also provides a place for developers to sell any NLG applications they have built.

ARRIA SPACE: The world’s most inclusive NLG developer community enabling developers globally to Share Everything NLG. Arria Space reflects Arria’s total commitment to supporting the advancement of the global development community as their effort to add the Power of Language to every facet of the Datasphere gathers momentum.


Computers and machines continue to produce and store digital data at a rate that is impossible for human beings to make full use of. Visualization is useful, but not as effective as language itself.

  • The volume of machine data is growing exponentially. We are drowning in it.
  • The problem is not the data. The problem is that a data set cannot explain itself.
  • Without an NLG system to do the job, data generated by business systems still requires experts to analyze and explain it.

Arria’s patented NLG technology turns raw data into automated expertly written reports in seconds, not hours or days. Using NLG Studio, software developers are now capturing in software the human expertise used in both analyzing complex data sets and in communicating the insights that the data sets contain. Once the developer completes the process, the Arria NLG Engine becomes the expert.

  • Arria’s software replicates the way an expert human mind analyzes data. It also replicates the way one mind communicates with another — via natural language.
  • It starts working where current data analytics stop. It sits on top of big data and makes sense of it all. It makes data automatically communicate directly to you, not in numbers, spreadsheets or visualizations that require further analysis and explanation but in rich narratives you would believe were written by a human expert.
  • Because the Arria NLG Engine is an advanced AI software system, it can be replicated 10x, 100x, 1,000x — doing the work of any number of experts, 24/7/365.

Arria’s leadership team, led by Chair, CEO and co-founder—Sharon Daniels, includes some of the world’s leading experts in NLG technology. The leadership team is deeply experienced, having spent decades in the industry and years developing and implementing NLG technology within global enterprises. Some members of the team have worked together for over 30 years on both the vision and execution of business strategy, with an emphasis on technology companies. The team possesses unique knowledge and expertise in the field of NLG and how that capability can be implemented in complex and mainstream commercial settings.

Sharon Daniels, is recognized globally as an industry leader. Sharon was also a co-founder of Diligent Corporation, a SaaS company  that was acquired in May 2016 for $624 million in cash.

Arria operates globally with offices in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, London, Aberdeen, Auckland and Sydney. Contact us >