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Arria’s depth of knowledge, experience, capability and flexibility in the generation of natural language is unrivaled

Arria has developed its offering to be delivered through API based services providing good synergy with developers building advanced cloud native applications. Additionally, the Arria team is very strong both technically and in their NLG expertise with a solid business and operational model. Arria’s strategy of delivering tools for the developers (as opposed to being a consulting organization) provides the strongest synergy for developers building integrated applications

  • Arria Products: Arria NLG Studio, Arria NLG SDK, Microservices
  • Arria Features: Years of research and development in computational linguistics that generate language from the ground up, which means the narratives are entirely driven by the data, not by a pre-written template.
  • Arria Model: Arria has invested heavily in making its tools available for clients and partners to quickly and easily give a voice to their data, without having to rely upon expensive professional services to build and ultimately maintain their NLG solutions.
  • Arria offers more than just a set of functions to pluralize words, combine multiple items into a sentence, etc. – it is an entire engine for generating language from the data-up. Narratives are not predetermined and can vary vastly depending on the story locked in the underlying data
  • Arria is integrated with a wide variety of data types, it supports well beyond simple data structures which limit the competitors, and has been proven with extremely high-volume time-series data, transactional relational databases, and output from sophisticated analytical packages
  • If clients need to give a voice to something that does not have a predetermined answer (such as the results of analytics, or conclusions generated by IBM Watson), they need NLG technology that is more robust than plugging numbers into a template, they need a technology that tells the right story, tailored for the audience and what is important to them.

While Arria’s differentiators are numerous, developers and end-user clients alike can think about them in terms of two broad categories: Capability and Flexibility.

Arria’s years of research and investment in NLG technology has resulted in a robust and capable piece of NLG technology.

Build narrative from the data – Arria’s technology generates narratives that are completely driven by the contents of the data, which means that the entire story told by the narrative could be different depending on the insights contained within the data. Instead of simply plugging numbers and using simple rules to change aspects of the narrative, Arria builds narratives from the ground up, using the data to dictate the content and context of the narrative, resulting in text that talks about the most important things in the data.

Language capability – Arria’s language capability with such features as referring expressions and the ability to aggregate multiple sentences based on common elements, results in extremely well written, high quality narratives that read as if written by well-educated, expert authors.

Data types and volume – Arria’s technology can consume data from not just CSV and spreadsheets, but also integrates with relational databases from every major vendor and has the unique capability of consuming high-volume time-series data, commonly used in high transaction financial services or in the monitoring of equipment in process manufacturing industries.

Arria’s technology is also applicable to a broad range of use cases, data types, deployment options, and end user needs.

Use Cases and Data Types – Because Arria’s technology is integrated with an extremely diverse set of input data types, and because the narratives are generated from the ground up, the variety and number of use cases for which Arria is applicable exceeds the other players.

This makes Arria an ideal choice for an organization who may want to apply NLG across business functions and domains, narrating their back-office finances, the health and status of their manufacturing operation, as well as creating custom narratives for their customers on a variety of topics.

Deployment Options – Arria can be deployed on-premise, in a private cloud, and is also offered in a SaaS model.

End User Needs – Arria offers its technology to suit a wide variety of end users, from a browser-based environment designed to enable business analysts and subject matter experts to design their own NLG solutions, to a powerful SDK that allows software developers to build complex and high performing NLG solutions, to Micro-services that allow developers to quickly and easily tap into language functions that make their data speak.


Arria’s technical differentiators are many but can best be summarised as follows;

  1. Arria is delivering their advanced offering as APIs and Microservices
  2. Arria has an SDK in place and
  3. Arria’s offerings are available in the cloud

Other key technical differentiators include:

Deep Scientific Roots: From an NLG perspective, Arria’s technology stems from the University of Aberdeen which has a long tradition of developing NLG technology:

Concentration of Real-World NLG Expertise: Arria provides direct access to one of the largest (if not – the largest) concentrations of both academic and commercial NLG expertise in the world. Arria’s Chief NLG Scientist Ehud Reiter is one of the early founders of NLG:

Foundational Patent Portfolio: Arria also has a steadily growing body of foundational patents in NLG, providing Arria with huge credibility in the NLG space. Arria is continuing to expand its patent portfolio. One of Arria’s strengths versus its peers is the robustness of their lexical rules.


With the enterprise-level capability and flexibility offered by Arria NLG, there is a strong alignment with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and with the two tools working in concert. This presents unlimited areas of applicability to bring to the market true augmented analytics applications across many different industries and use cases without having to have a consulting-driven model in place. This offers users the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy and maintain both NLU and NLG applications.

With Arria’s STUDIO and SDK toolsets, its API’s and Micro-services and its focusing on the provision of cloud-based NLG capability to developers and end-users (as opposed to a services-driven consulting model) aligns directly with the spirit of what global enterprises and software developers are building.


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