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Why NLG is the Tech Your Business Needs Now

By Amy McCloskey Tobin | January 4, 2022
Blog Image - 09 Why NLG is the Tech Your Business Needs Now

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that analyzes structured data and then translates it into plain language that is natural-sounding and easy to understand. On the surface, NLG is a simple concept: it gives your data the ability to speak to you about what is happening within your organization. It briefs you on what you need to know to make important decisions and gives you instant insights using humans’ favorite way to communicate: storytelling. 

 How NLG Impacts an Organization 

Natural Language Generation is transformative across an organization. It gives digital finance faster access to data insights to drive better-informed decisions. NLG enables pharma companies to generate clinical study reports in record time and get drugs to market faster. It allows marketing departments to stay ahead of buyer trends and understand what advertising and content is working. NLG makes decision makers in any organization data literate and frees them from having to rely on busy analysts who are spread too thin.  

Across all industries, the goal is the same: people need to understand what is happening in their data faster to act on it in an intelligent, accelerated way. To be effective in their work and strategic in their direction, people need the most up-to-date information even as the situation is constantly changing. NLG keeps decision makers aware. 

 NLG Liberates and Increases Efficiencies 

NLG frees analysts and the most experienced employees from the mundane manual work that can be done with automation and allows them to do the work they want to do. The current job market has left most businesses struggling to find skilled employees; NLG allows your most valuable employees to do the most important work by freeing them from laborious tasks like combing through data or explaining the key takeaways from a dashboard’s charts. 

“85% of manual work has been eradicated now because of how rich this commentary is.” ~Director, Top 5 pharmaceutical company 

NLG Produces Narratives at Scale 

In every case where there is a massive amount of data that needs to be interpreted and acted on, NLG is a game-changer. If the people across your organization could benefit from up-to-the-minute information that is easy to understand, NLG can instantly provide it. If your organization regularly puts out a large quantity of data-driven reporting — whether it is fund commentary, regulatory reporting, sports summaries, or product descriptions for e-commerce — NLG makes it exponentially faster and easier. 

NLG Increases Accuracy 

As Alexander Pope said, to err is human. Even the most brilliant, careful human is bound to make a mistake when analyzing data and writing about it. NLG does not make mistakes because it uses algorithms, ensuring 100 percent accuracy and bias-free reporting in the narratives it produces. NLG eliminates points of failure. 

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