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Watch Arria’s VOICE Global presentation!

By Jennifer Mastrangelo | June 25, 2020

Conversational AI is becoming entrenched in our world—whether it is at home asking Alexa to turn on your favorite radio station, or in the board room where business leaders are asking Alexa about sales data.

To fully understand the evolution of conversational AI and why it has everyone so excited, we need to look at the technology that makes these voice tools conversational: Natural Language Generation (NLG).

NLG lets users converse with data in a language we understand. This technology brings the analytical intelligence to voice applications that enables them to understand the complexities of human speech in the same manner as people.

Recently at this year’s VOICE Global Conference, Arria spoke about “Conversing with your data for actionable insights: How to access business intelligence using intelligent voice assistants.”

In this session Arria discusses:

  • Showcasing new technology usable conversational AI
  • How we are able to use conversational AI for actionable insights
  • Partnerships that make Arria Answers possible

Watch this session now to learn more!