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Streamline data understanding with Intelligent Narratives for digital finance

By Maribel Ayala | October 7, 2021
Blog Image - 25 Streamline data understanding with Intelligent Narratives for digital finance

What are Intelligent Narratives for Finance?
Intelligent Narratives (IN) is the name for Arria’s new technology that empowers you with the ability to instantly generate a comprehensible data story that focuses on important and alerting information — presented in an easy and digestible manner. Everyone gets the same interpretation of the data, so data understanding is improved, enabling better decision-making to drive your KPIs and business outcomes.

Finance departments spend valuable time pulling insights from dashboard visualizations to generate reports. This process is time consuming and can be prone to human error. Arria Intelligent Narratives for finance give you the ability to quickly set up automated reporting, leveraging all the data within your dashboard. Three key reports can be generated with Intelligent Narratives: Sales Performance, Expense and Revenue. You can also perform a wider range of analysis to compare current performance to past performance, such as, actual attainment to targeted attainment, as well as trend, anomalies, and outlier detection.

Intelligent Narratives integrate with all major business intelligence dashboards, including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, TIBCO, and more.

How do they provide business value?
Intelligent Narratives boost the value of dashboards by enabling users to derive insights faster, through clear and concise narrative explanations that augment visual analytics. Information that may be hidden in the visuals is surfaced without the need for time-consuming and complex drill downs or report writing, freeing knowledge workers from routine tasks. With intelligent narratives, critical knowledge is disseminated in a consistent manner throughout the organization, while complex data is simplified through story telling. The data analysis is 100% accurate, 100% of the time, enabling faster understanding, better decision-making, and improved ROI.

How do they work?
You can configure and generate narratives in three simple steps:

1) Select your desired measures and dimensions within fields, just as you would to create a visual.

2) Choose how you want your narratives to be displayed: Arria guides you through a selection process to determine the analytics, language style, and length you desire.

3) Click a button to generate the text and see your narrative instantly appear. If you change your field selection, your narratives will dynamically change too!

Who should use this product?
The Intelligent Narratives solutions can be leveraged across the enterprise, by business analysts who design and roll out dashboards, dashboard viewers looking to gain additional insight from their data, and robotic process automation teams looking to automate financial reporting. Everyone within digital finance and BI teams will benefit from this product.

How did the business need originate?
Intelligent Narratives for Finance has been inspired by our current customer base. For example, major pharmaceutical companies are bringing drugs to market faster than ever before, which is causing stress on finance departments. To meet the demand, they are investing in NLG (Natural Language Generation) solutions to augment existing dashboards and automate and accelerate financial reporting, enabling them to increase data understanding, improve efficiency, and drive their desired business outcomes. These demands and pressures on finance departments are not limited to pharmaceutical companies: they are challenges being faced across all industries.

How can people get started?
The Intelligent Narratives are available in three solutions: IN Apps, an out-of-the-box option to add narratives to your dashboard; IN Plus, that lets you fine-tune the narrative language to suit your company voice; IN Pro, for complete customization that lets you generate your narratives, your way.

To find out more and to see Intelligent Narratives in action, join our panel of experts on October 28th, 11am ET, for an exclusive webinar, Intelligent Narratives for Articulate Digital Finance.

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