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Turning data into stories with Natural Language Generation

By Arria NLG Team | July 30, 2020

TechZone360 published an excellent article today based on their recent interview with Sharon Daniels, CEO of Arria NLG.

The article states: Businesses don’t have a problem collecting data. They have a problem creating the story from their data. Having once managed surveys for a financial publication, I can attest to how long it takes to analyze data and put it into a digestible format. With Arria’s NLG, it would have been a simple as mapping the data to be used for the output and generate a report with the click of a button. What took days or weeks would have been accomplished in seconds.

Daniels recalled showing the technology internally to a finance team member, whose initial reaction was, “Well, there goes my job.” But, she quickly realized the report writing is the part of the job financial analysts, accountants, and others dislike most, and the NLG technology would allow them to spend more time crunching numbers and not having to worry about getting reports written in time. “This is going to make me look like a star,” she concluded.

When it comes to data-driven reporting – especially financial reporting – one of the biggest challenges is changes in the data. Inevitably, some data point changes last-minute, which results in an entire report having to be re-written and every number re-verified to account for the single new data point. With Arria, the report can be instantly rerun to account for the change with the knowledge all other impacted data have also been accurately reflected. …