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Too much COVID-19 data? AI may help

By Arria NLG Team | May 13, 2020

I-Invest published an article featuring Arria NLG titled, “Too much COVID-19 data? AI may help”.

The article states: As governors are starting to make decisions about reopening the economy, most Americans are now left to wonder whether they should follow their state government’s lead – or make their own decisions about when to return to normal.

One issue for the average person is how to decipher the multitudes of data about COVID-19 and evaluate whether the country or any state is – or is not – flattening the curve.

“The sheer flood of data and information we are seeing daily about the pandemic is nearly impossible to process without the help of technology,” says Sharon Daniels, chief executive officer of Arria NLG. “People want information that will help them understand what’s happening, particularly in the areas where they live. But if that information is too confusing and complicated, they are going to remain confused and scared – wondering what to do, how to help, or how to keep their families safe.”

Daniels’ company is among those trying to simplify that complex chore for Americans, using artificial intelligence to transform that raw data into an easy-to-understand narrative. To this end, Arria is involved with two online initiatives – the COVID-19 Live Report and the COVID-19 U.S. Tracking Report – that give Americans access to NLG as they try to grasp all the information coming their way from scientists, government officials, and the media.