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TIBCO dashboard smooths out pandemic information overload

By Arria NLG Team | May 26, 2020

IDG Connect published an article by Martin Veitch featuring the TIBCO + Arria COVID-19 dashboard collaboration including some key insights from Michael O’Connell, TIBCO’s chief analytics officer.

The article states: One notable sideshow to the COVID-19 news cycle is that we have moved from a world with a shortfall of data scientists to a world where we are all data scientists… or at least we’d like to think we are. A problem though: we use statistics in the same way as the drunk grabs hold of a lamp post while stumbling. That is, more for support than illumination.

Frustrated by the loudmouths, commentators and politicians, I recently called in to an online session by the Silicon Valley software company TIBCO Software. TIBCO is a veteran of both understanding data and of the knotty issues of integration and that seems to be a good formula for understanding the complexities of our world today. In the session, the company showed off its independent dashboard that makes what is happening more understandable.

But I remained worried that the data being put out by governments and health officers often lacks several of the five Vs that distinguish Big Data: volume, variety, veracity, velocity and value. That is, a lot of the data I have observed was selective, could not be backed up or was offered in isolation. So, in a follow-up call, I spoke to Michael O’Connell, a genial Australian who is TIBCO’s chief analytics officer, in order to delve a little deeper.