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Natural language generation is using AI technology to explain complex data in simplified manner

By Arria NLG Team | June 3, 2021
NW185-ROI-NJb published an article featuring Arria EVP, Lyndsee Manna.

The article states: Big Data has a problem of equally large proportions: It’s flying over heads. But an AI-driven technology (with an acronym that might sound no less complicated) is actually bringing data insights back down to earth. It’s called natural language generation, or NLG.

“A lot of times, knowledge is locked inside of a small group of people who are experts in their field, those who are trained to understand and analyze data,” said Lyndsee Manna, a leader of strategic partnerships and global business at Arria NLG plc.

Not to mention, she added, the way these scientists sometimes convey information lacks one of the primary features that humans have always relied on to share ideas: storytelling. And that’s what this NLG technology is able to do. It tells stories by automatically writing out — “in plain English,” as Morristown-based Arria’s website describes it — explanations of data that an analyst would otherwise have to translate for you.