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Microsoft features Arria NLG in their latest Power BI blog post

By Arria NLG Team | December 16, 2020

Microsoft featured Arria in their December Microsoft Power BI Blog today in a post titled: Intelligent Narratives by Arria NLG.

The post covers the following three key benefits companies can enjoy using Arria’s world-class NLG technology:

• Explain data in natural language to support your visuals
• Get instant narrative, actionable insights—out of the box
• Enjoy speed to insights

According to Microsoft, companies using Arria NLG can: “Quickly identify, understand, communicate, and action key insights with user-configurable, out-of-the-box narratives. Arria’s narrative capabilities support your dashboard’s visuals—and describe the underlying data—with expertly written short-form summaries or long-form reports.”

The post includes several screenshots showing how Arria instantly creates expert NLG narratives right inside the dashboard. It’s a great overview for BI users how they can incorporate Arria into their Microsoft Power BI dashboards.

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