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Arria invited to showcase its Arria Answers technology at VOICE Global on June 17th

By Arria NLG Team | June 15, 2020

We’re pleased to invite you to join Arria NLG, along with Amazon, Apple, Google, Visa, Viacom and many others, at this year’s VOICE Global Conference.

Arria will be giving a major presentation at the conference, titled “Conversing with your data for actionable insights: How to access business intelligence using intelligent voice assistants.”

Arria’s time slot will be:
4:00pm to 4:30pm EST, June 17th
on VOICE Channel VG4

With over 10,000 attendees globally, this conference keeps you ahead of the curve in the space of voice technology. From design, development, startups and investors, this is your chance to hear what the who’s who of the industry have to say.

The conference will be comprised of 24 hours of superstar speakers and pioneering thinkers sharing everything from the latest trends to how voice tech is helping us through these challenging times.

Because of COVID-19, the conference this year will be held online. Registration is FREE. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage with and hear from the industry leaders in voice technology—and build your network and reconnect with the voice-first community!

Click here to register for the FREE conference.