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Gartner’s first ever Market Guide for NLG declares Arria “a world leader in NLG”

By Arria NLG Team | July 15, 2019

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, has just issued its first research guide on NLG. Titled “Market Guide for Natural Language Generation Platforms”, it analyzes NLG technology, the main NLG providers, and future NLG market opportunities.

According to Arria’s CEO, Sharon Daniels, “We’re so pleased to be recognized as a world leader in NLG by an organization with the global stature of Gartner, the world’s top advisory company. The Arria team has worked diligently to provide the industry’s finest, most powerful, easy-to-use NLG platform. This kind of global recognition is a true tribute to their hard work.”

The entire report is available to Gartner clients at their website.

The Gartner evaluation found the following:

  • “Arria is a world leader in NLG, with 23 core NLG patents. Its Arria NLG Studio product is an enterprise-level, self-service NLG design tool with advanced analytics and linguistic functions that enables users to easily create, edit and publish NLG narratives. Arria solutions are deployed globally.”
  • “Arria’s web-based platform enables users to create, manage, test and deploy their own NLG solutions. Projects are configured using Arria’s Articulate Text Language (ATL), which provides a powerful feature set for linguistic, mathematical and logical operations. Arria offers integrations with BI tools, RPA and conversation agents. It also offers multiple deployment options (cloud, private cloud and on-premises), and provides integrated training, and full documentation.”
  • “NLG offers significant opportunities to improve operations and user experiences. By 2022, 25% of enterprises will use some form of natural language generation technology.”

We invite you to see Arria NLG Studio in action. Schedule a brief 15-minute demo tailored to your specific use case. It’s easy. It’s fast. And we promise you’ll be very glad you did—and be better-informed for the effort.

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