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Gain a better understanding of Arria technology in the recently published insideBIGDATA article “Deconstructing Natural Language Generation”

By Arria NLG Team | May 22, 2020

Recent article published by insideBIGDATA features an interview with Arria CEO, Sharon Daniels. The article states: Natural Language Generation (NLG) is rapidly becoming one of the most desired capabilities in the Natural Language Technology stack. Prudent enterprises—and the most sophisticated use cases—amalgamate this dimension of natural language technologies in conjunction with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Querying (NLQ).

The article details how:

NLG empowers a host of contemporary use cases from automatically producing reports with Business Intelligence tools to begetting narratives about data from sources as varied as Excel and Industrial Internet sensor data. By using an artful admixture of techniques involving what Daniels termed “language analytics and computational linguistics”, as well as a heaping layer of machine learning, organizations can access “true operational efficiencies,” Daniels reflected. “What used to take a team of people days or weeks can now be done with technology literally in seconds.”

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