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Differentia Consulting welcomed as Arria’s newest partner

By Arria NLG Team | December 22, 2021

Arria is pleased to share the following news regarding its newest partner, Differentia Consulting.

Partner Overview: Differentia Consulting is a UK-based independent IT management consulting company that offers customers full lifecycle data, including transformation, analytics, security, consulting and managed services. Differentia Consulting adds value by providing clients with a range of solutions and services that complement their transactional systems. Differentia Consulting is sector agnostic, with clients in Consumer, Manufacturing, Not for Profit, Services, Media, Healthcare and Public Sector/Government.

Differentia Consulting offers solutions powered by Qlik that deliver value to clients as they discover their business, achieve operational excellence, and become more agile for continued competitive advantage as they move towards a data economy.


Use Case: Differentia Consulting will introduce Arria’s world class NLG applications of all types to their extensive 500+ global customer base, which includes JD Edwards and Microsoft, as an added value solution for operational efficiencies and cost savings. In addition to servicing Arria’s Business Intelligence (BI) customer base, they target Pharma and Sports customers, among others, with a focus on Qlik implementations.