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ARRIA + TIBCO partnership helps to close the news gaps and provide factual, socially responsible view of COVID-19 data

By Arria NLG Team | April 21, 2020

ARRIA AND TIBCO announce the addition of natural language generation (NLG) to TIBCO’s freely available COVID-19 Live Report dashboard — which incorporates the latest data from Johns Hopkins University — providing a data-driven narrative that explains the graphical insights as you drill into the dashboard.

“Adding the natural language capabilities of Arria enables users to obtain dynamic interpretations of data science and visual analyses as they explore the applications. The combination of visual analysis, data science, and epidemiology models on the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions has led to significant uptake of these tools by our partners in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. This shows that, when properly applied, technology can be used as a force for good.”
— Michael O’Connell, Chief Data Analytics Officer, TIBCO.

“This is critical at a time when the sheer flood of data and information we are seeing daily is nearly impossible to process without the help of technology. This dashboard is a tool that cuts through the information clutter, gets straight to the facts, and keeps the public informed.” — Sharon Daniels, CEO Arria NLG.

TIBCO and Arria are together committed to helping the world navigate this time by empowering people with shared information and a better understanding.

Watch a short video demo and then see TIBCO’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Please note: the TIBCO COVID-19 Arria NLG narrative is not available on the Safari web browser.