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Arria signs MENA eSolutions as its latest Service Partner, expanding sales in the Middle Eastern territory

By Arria NLG Team | March 12, 2019

Partner Overview: MENA eSolutions is the leading provider of software infrastructure solutions focused in the Middle East and North Africa regions. They have been part of the Saudi Development Company (SADC) since their inception in 1999, with headquarters in Dubai and offices in Manama, Doha, Riyadh and Amman.

Their focus is delivering innovative and state of the art consultancy and solutions in the areas of Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Management, Mobility and Business Analytics to help their clients overcome complex business process challenges. This lets their customers leverage their processes and data, aligning them with business goals, and turning them into strategic assets to improve their business performance.


Channel: Partner

Industry Vertical: Software Infrastructure

Use Case: MENA eSolutions serve multiple industry verticals including the Finance Sector, Energy, Telecommunication, Government and Transportation. Their line-up of enterprise clients include global majors such as: Vodafone, ADX (Abu Dhabi Exchange), Qatar Central Bank, Emirates, Saudi Aramco, SADC (Saudi Arabian Development Company) and many others. As a partner, MENA eSolutions will be delivering Arria NLG technology solutions to their clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa.