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Arria NLG to present at BNY Mellon’s “Fintech Connect” forum

By Arria NLG Team | November 6, 2019

Another banner day for Arria NLG, as our SVP of Business Development, Lyndsee Manna, addresses BNY Mellon’s “Fintech Connect” forum in downtown Manhattan. Full press release.

Lyndsee will demonstrate how Arria NLG’s partnership with Eagle Investment Systems, a BNY Mellon company, brings “The Power of Language” to numerical data sets pertaining to investment performance analytics and fixed income attribution reports.

In both examples, Arria’s natural language generation technology (NLG) provides—in seconds—insightful commentary on millions of data points over standard reporting periods (one year, three-years, and since inception). By contrast, to produce equivalent analyses manually, institutions throughout the financial industry currently rely on multi-stage processing, conducted by several departments over time.

As Lyndsee will demonstrate, Arria NLG offers financial institutions the capability to empower communication between systems and across data sets—ultimately transforming complex statistical data into explanatory narratives presented in natural human language.

“NLG is considered the last mile of data as it enables the analysis, assessment and communication of data with precision, accuracy, and scale,” said Lyndsee. “For financial planning and investment professionals, connecting Arria’s NLG platform to Eagle Investment Systems products saves countless hours that can now be spent on high-value activities that will benefit both institutional and private clients.”

Full press release.