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How Intelligent Narratives can transform digital finance

By Amy McCloskey Tobin | October 26, 2021
Blog Image - 22 How Intelligent Narratives can transform digital finance

Two predictions from Deloitte’s Finance 2025: Digital transformation in Finance1 should cause those who work in digital finance to take note in regards to reporting:

  1. “With operations automated, finance will double down on business insights and service. Success is not assured.
  2. Finance goes real-time. Periodic reporting will no longer drive operations and decisions – if it ever did.”

If your organization is struggling to analyze masses of data quickly enough to report in real-time, there is artificial intelligence that can help, particularly in the form of natural language generation, or, NLG.


RPA is no longer enough

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) was critical to the early stages of digital transformation in digital finance, but now it is a bare essential. Digital finance departments need more than RPA; they need an integrated platform that can rapidly analyze massive amounts of data and deliver articulate insights in real-time. Data for data’s sake is meaningless, and even insights on their own are not enough. Tableau users know this already and are looking for more.

Visual dashboards aren’t enough

Tableau dashboards deliver beautiful, data-backed visuals, and there are more insights that can be revealed. These deeper insights have, until recently, required a series of deep-dive drill downs, which take time and require expertise. The dashboard visuals on their own must be interpreted, and that interpretation by humans is not always precise. Lack of precision in digital finance is risky. This is where Arria NLG can help.

Integrated NLG delivers Intelligent Narratives

Arria NLG is a form of artificial intelligence that transforms data into language. It can analyze your RPA data and deliver an intelligent narrative for digital finance that allows you to gather all the insights, leaving none behind. Through data analysis, knowledge automation, language generation, and tailored information delivery, Arria NLG replicates the human process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights.

Arria NLG turns data into written or spoken language in real-time, delivering your intelligent narrative for finance, born from your data, instantly.

Providing your workforce with data literacy

Data literacy empowers your employees to understand your data and to analyze and understand the meaning your data provides. Data literate employees have the ability to ask the right questions and make the right decisions. If your organization is drowning in data, data literacy becomes increasingly difficult for many employees.

Arria NLG can provide your workforce with the data literacy necessary to make the right decisions and understand your data, by analyzing your data and delivering intelligent narratives for digital finance.

What Intelligent Narratives in digital finance actually look like

Intelligent Narratives in digital finance come to life as reports such as Sales Performance, Expense, and Revenue that can be generated in minutes instead of hours. With instant insights at your fingertips, you can keep your KPIs and business outcomes on track.

Learn more about Arria NLG

If you’d like to learn more about how NLG can empower your business, join a panel of experts from Arria and Tableau on October 28th for a powerful thought leadership session on Intelligent Narratives for Articulate Digital Finance: {{cta(‘f5f4c2cf-d812-4028-b4b7-0a701733c599′,’justifycenter’)}}

1. Deloitte’s Finance 2025: Digital transformation in Finance